Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'm going there....

One thing that really makes me mad and sad, is when I see pics that have OBVIOUSLY been photo shopped.  It is WRONG, if you are trying to MOTIVATE AND INSPIRE!  Because not only are you lying to yourself, you are lying to all those people that "look up to you".  I will tell you with 10000000000000000000000000% certainty, I have NEVER EVER altered my photos.  I might tweak the coloring, but THAT IS IT!  Because I refuse to lie like that.  This is why so many young girls, have issues with not only their body image, but their eating.  I mean now "real" people are doing what magazines have done for years.  I wonder just wtf these apps even exist. makes me so mad.  I have a daughter that I want to have a healthy relationship with not only food, but her body.  I don't want her to look at women who have had their thighs and arms "magically" reduced, their cellulite removed, and their blemishes airbrushed off, to the point that they look plastic.  Why can't we all just embrace the real us?!?!?!  I mean is it really THAT bad, to just be you??????  I want my baby girl to be able to have real women to look up to.  Ones that are unique and beautiful. 

So I wanted to show people, just what a lovely "skinny app", can do to your photo... thighs are thinner, my butt is flatter and my mid-section is quite thin and my tatas are "perkier".  But look at how other things are distorted.  Like where my thigh is, compared to the nightstand.  Remember... this is the EXACT same photo, just photo shopped. Hell I thought I looked great in the before pic, until I saw the skinny app photo!  See...this is what is wrong.  FAKE photos make so many woman feel fat or gross or like they need to start throwing up or starving themselves, to fit in and be "skinny".  This shit needs to stop! 

Ok I am officially off my soap box!


  1. Love this! I know of one person you may be talking about. The sad part is, people believe the crap.

  2. AMEN! Thank you for this! xoxo

  3. You DO look amazing. That is all.

  4. Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And by the look amazing!!!!

  5. NAILED IT!!!!! Thank you for this!

  6. Yep! Omg haterzzzzzz it's pathetic. What's more pathetic are the people that believe it all. Love you Lori! You are beautiful, freaking amazing and just a TRUE inspiration.

  7. I would never want to be "skinnier" than the first pic!

  8. I'm so happy you finally wrote this post! Yay! Love you mucho!

  9. I've never read your blog up until today, but based on this post, I'm hooked! Thank you!! I have grown increasingly frustrated by another "healthy living" bloggers (Term used loosely in this womans case) obsession with photoshopping her pics and not being truthful about it when called out. Thanks for your honesty- you look fantastic!!!

  10. AMEN SISTER! Not to mention... it is a LIE! I would feel SO uncomfortable lying to people by 'shopping my pics! If you want the 'shopped results, put in the actual work to get them, because you're really only cheating yourself. Bravo!

  11. I honestly think the first one looks better. Great post!

  12. Girl, I loved this post! You are so awesome and such a great fitness role model. Thank you for always being honest! :)

  13. Mind Blown. Until Chicago I had no idea what the hell a skinny app was. You guys schooled me. I admit to in the past fixing a zit, but never in my life have I photoshopped skinniness. It's horrible that people, magazines, etc do this.
    But being the devils advocate I understand why people do it too. There are so many hurtful people out there. People that feel the need to talk shit about others and even their children. People that feel if they do this more people will like them. Truth is if you don't like yourself how can you expect others to like you.
    Love your honesty among other things momma!!

  14. The real you so much hotter :) You are beautiful! I just found out about this ap today. It really makes me sad the lengths people will go to "sell" self acceptance. That mentality in and of itself is the real demon in on this. Props for calling out the phonys!

  15. Way to go!! You look better in the before!!

  16. Funny - I was just looking at a certain bloggers before and after and noticing some distortion in the background. So ridiculous.

    1. which blogger were you looking at? I want to know so I will not try to get inspiration from them.

  17. I hate apps like that! Amen to all of this!

  18. DANG, I need that app! HAHA!

  19. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG why are these apps even available to people?! Ps I totally prefer you in your normal state than your skinnier version! You are such a bad ass! Miss you soul seestahhhhhhhhhhh!

  20. Had no clue that such apps exist. Really crazy.

  21. which fitness blogger is using this app?? I follow a few and would like to know which one is being fake!!

  22. This is very informative and good here. Thank you.

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