Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'm going there....

One thing that really makes me mad and sad, is when I see pics that have OBVIOUSLY been photo shopped.  It is WRONG, if you are trying to MOTIVATE AND INSPIRE!  Because not only are you lying to yourself, you are lying to all those people that "look up to you".  I will tell you with 10000000000000000000000000% certainty, I have NEVER EVER altered my photos.  I might tweak the coloring, but THAT IS IT!  Because I refuse to lie like that.  This is why so many young girls, have issues with not only their body image, but their eating.  I mean now "real" people are doing what magazines have done for years.  I wonder just wtf these apps even exist. makes me so mad.  I have a daughter that I want to have a healthy relationship with not only food, but her body.  I don't want her to look at women who have had their thighs and arms "magically" reduced, their cellulite removed, and their blemishes airbrushed off, to the point that they look plastic.  Why can't we all just embrace the real us?!?!?!  I mean is it really THAT bad, to just be you??????  I want my baby girl to be able to have real women to look up to.  Ones that are unique and beautiful. 

So I wanted to show people, just what a lovely "skinny app", can do to your photo... thighs are thinner, my butt is flatter and my mid-section is quite thin and my tatas are "perkier".  But look at how other things are distorted.  Like where my thigh is, compared to the nightstand.  Remember... this is the EXACT same photo, just photo shopped. Hell I thought I looked great in the before pic, until I saw the skinny app photo!  See...this is what is wrong.  FAKE photos make so many woman feel fat or gross or like they need to start throwing up or starving themselves, to fit in and be "skinny".  This shit needs to stop! 

Ok I am officially off my soap box!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Happy New Year, everyone!  As you can see, I took a break from blog land! Today I want to touch on some goals I have set for me, this upcoming year!

1.  Complete p90x3 by March 27th!  So far I am right on track.

2.  Give up ALL artificial sweeteners.  This might be a tough one. I use it in my coffee and oatmeal, so some withdrawals will most likely take place.  Today was my first day with out any in my oatmeal and I did OK!  BUT....I already gave up soda which wasn't hard at all.

3.  Do the Dr. Oz rapid weight loss diet.  There is a reason for this one.  Not only do I have a beach wedding to attend, in February, but I have some exciting things going on, that I can't quite share, just yet.  But it involves having my picture taken. :o)

4.  Drink hot water and lemon on the regular. 

5.  Save lots and lots of money!  I have already started this and I am following the 52 week savings program that Holly spoke about.

6.  Stop buying clothes.  I have a closet full of clothes and do NOT need anymore.  Want more, yes, but NEED, no.  Same with jeans.  I think I am at the smallest size I ever will be, so things should be A OK!

7.  Stick to a grocery budget and meal plan.  I slack on this A LOT.  But need to stick with it.  The amount of money you can save when eating at home and sticking to a grocery list is significant!

8.  Go on a romantic beach vacation with Ray.  This year we will celebrate ten years of marriage.  We have been through a lot so I feel we deserve this. :)

9.  Girls trip this spring or summer!!  Just a nice long weekend like the one we had in Chicago.  I think we all need this.  I also want to get Ray to take a little mini vaca with his buddies.  Again, we ALL need little breaks from life, to rejuvenate.

10.  Finish my household "projects".  I have lots of furniture just waiting to get a makeover.  I just kinda bribed my girl Jenni to help with this.  I offered her wine and food!

11.  Communicate better with my kids.  I try VERY hard to never lose my cool, but it happens.  I don't want to yell anymore.  I need to also work on following through with discipline.  I have come a long way, but I think I am still a work in progress.  I need to stop saying, "if you do that one more time, you are in your room" and then not follow through with it.  I think this will help us all behave better!

12.  Spend less time on social media. Facebook is not an issue, I am so not a fan of it anymore.  I only post pics of my kiddos, pretty much.  But I need to stay off IG at night.  I need to just enjoy my family in the evenings.  They are my priority!

13.  Run a 5k.  I have wanted to do this for years, but keep putting it off.  So I hope this is the year, that I can mark it off my bucket list!

14.  Try and give up coffee.  See how I put TRY.  I want to switch to green tea.  So we shall see.  I am just trying to do all the things that help with stomach bloat.  Because let me tell you, artificial shit, bloats me like a big fat pig!

15.  Disney in the fall! Sorry but I bleed Disney.  It is 100% a part of my DNA. Ray on the other hand, not so much.  I am thinking over the kids fall break for 4 days, 3 nights.  So we shall see.  Hmmm...sounds like I should set up a separate vacation savings account. 

Hope you are all having a great New Year!!!