Thursday, February 28, 2013

Loose skin and how I got it to tighten up....

SO....I got a random fb message from someone last night asking me how my skin removal surgery was.  Well I can't say, because I have never had a lick of plastic surgery.  Don't get me wrong, I am ALL for it and will eventually get my tatas lifted!  I would LOVE to have a thigh lift as well, but I decided I would much rather live with my loose skin, than a scar that goes up the length of my inner thigh.  I was really kind of taken back by the question.    I have worked my fat ass off, to get these results.  Believe me, I have A LOT of loose skin.  Most of it is in my legs.  I don't know exactly why my stomach skin tightened up.  I guess because I have a long torso????  I know this has to help, it sure did help me when I was preggers!  I do have a little flap of loose skin right above the ole pubic area.  Which...thanks to the way I am built, you cannot see.  It is hidden by my undies or swimsuit. I also did crunches through both pregnancies up until I have birth.  My doc said it was ok, so I did it. My stomach did NOT look like this a year ago or even 6 months ago.  Speaking of my stomach... there is skin there.  I will take some more close up pics and show you the stretch marks and the skin.  I want people to see this and know that even though it's there, I am still proud of how I look and I am gonna show it! 
Oh and this same person, also asked me if I had gastric bypass surgery. A few years back, I was having some pretty bad stomach issues and had vomitted some blood, so I had a ton of tests run, even a lovely colonoscopy...yikes!  Talk about a colon cleanse!  SO...we were at dinner and I was having trouble with my food digesting.  She looks at me at says, "wow, it sounds like you have the same issues as those that have had gastric bypass".  And this was said with a smirk on her face. To top this all off, when my Fitness article came out, she had the nerve to look at me and go, "so is this all going to your head or what".  WTF!!!
OK here is my thing, why can't people just realize that good old fashioned blood sweat and tears does work, when it comes to weight loss.  I am one big old open book, what you see is what you get.  I will NEVER EVER lie about shit like that.  I am a true believer in "to each his own".  What works for someone, is there business.  I have plenty of people in my life that have had boobs done, lipo, botox, and I am 100% supportive of them!  And I have a friend that had gastric bypass and one that had the lap band.  Like I said, I AM getting my boobs done.  I just need to make the appt. and get the process rolling.  I just wish so much that women could be more supportive of each other and the methods they choose to better themselves.  I feel so blessed to be part of a group of positive people here in the blog world and on IG.  I get so happy when i see a fellow IG'er reach a goal or start a new workout program.  I love when they share new outfits or pics of their kids.  I also love when they share little things that have worked for them and love the food pics.  That all keeps me motivated!  I promise to be there for anyone that needs a tip or some advice. I will cheer you on until you reach your goal and even after!  It's time for people to just be happy for others.  Don't worry about how they got to that goal, just be happy that they hit it.  And God how I wish people would stop judging.  We are all individuals and what works for "Susie" may not work for "Lisa" and so on...
Wow, I totally got off I shall touch on legs and how I have done some tightening in that area...
One word, SQUATS!!!  I used to think that all these would do is make my already big legs, bigger.  Well I was wrong.  Ever since I started with kickboxing, I have gone down a size and my legs look firmer.  In the workouts I do, there are A LOT of squats.  I was amazed at when I started to put on my pants, they were longer.  I was like, ummmm....wth.  Well it is because my thighs are trimmer so the pants are looser and hang differently.  Just yesterday my hubby said, " wow, I remember when those pants were form fitting".   He made my day!  I have also noticed that my favorite skinny jeans from Old Navy are now loose in the thigh area.  The only leg work I do, is from kickboxing and my Jillian DVD's. When you do your squats, make sure your knee never comes over your toes and that you are sticking your booty out, towards the wall.  Proper form is key, for sure! I only wish I would have taken a true before pic, of my legs.  There is a MAJOR difference.  I mean you can see how big my legs were at one time, from the above pics. 
Ok as you can see in the above pics, I do have loose skin in my tummy.  But like I said, I am very long in the torso, so it is really only noticeable when I lean over like this.  And Lord knows I sure as hell aint (yes, I know this isn't a word) doing that at the beach or pool!  I make sure my posture is on point, when I am walking around in my bikini! :) The very top left photo is with the flash on, so you can get a good look.  I used to think it was the cellulite that made my legs look like that.  But really, it is the loose skin.  And like my hubby tells me all the time, "honey be proud of how far you have come, don't fixate on a flaw you cannot help".  Well said, my love, well said!  So ladies, eff it, wear whatever you want and wear it with your head held high!  I know when I see someone sporting a bikini with loose skin or cellulite, I want to high five her and say, "YOU GO BEAUTIFUL"! 
Oh and one more thing, my tata's!  Yes, they sag could be worse, I guess.  I used to be a 38DDD and I am now in a 34D, which is big on me.  I have stretch marks and lots of skin there, I just pick swimsuit tops, that hide all that.  Like in the above pics, taken today, my boobies look pretty perky!  This is why I wear string bikini's they just fit me best.
Sorry for ranting in the beginning.  Sometimes I just have to vent!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How I started to get some guns

In the recents months I have finally started to get the arms I have always dreamt of having.  I honestly NEVER EVER thought I could achieve them.  I have always had flabby fat arms.  Just plain awful.  Even after I lost 115 pounds, my arms were still an issue.  So I would lift weights and try and get them to firm up.  Well this did firm them some, but they still weren't lean.  I did 2 rounds of P90x and one round of P90x2.  I thought for sure THIS would get me those "guns".  NOPE!  Just made my already big arms, tighter but still big.  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!  The above picture (top) is from my Fitness article and my arms were tight, but hello, they are BIG! Same thing goes for my thighs, but we will cover legs another day.  The one of me in the pink dress is a few years prior to that.  I tell you what, I really had no idea how much I had let myself go, until I started to find old pics. 
The other pic is from 3 summers ago.  I had ZERO definition!  I was eating ok, but all I was doing for workouts was walking/running.  Obviously, this just isn't enough.
I had really reached a point where I was giving up on getting the arms I always wanted.  I remember crying to my husband, telling him I had tried everything, nothing was working.  He encouraged me not to give up.  So I decided I would start doing some kickboxing.  HOLY SHIT...I started to see results!!!!!!  My arms were leaning out.  And they felt nice and tight.  I mentioned in an earlier blog that I do Jill Coleman workouts.  She is awesome!  Her workouts are fun and I have yet to get bored.  AND...I am still sore after doing them for 2 months.  I think I am just getting better with my form and pushing myself a bit more.  I also got out my old Tae Bo dvd and started hanging with Billy Blanks again.  Not only did this help with my arms, it REALLY tightened the core.  Now remember I have lost 115 pounds and birthed 2 babies in 18 months.  There was some loose skin, lots of it!  Is it still a but loose, yes, but man it has changed. I will now walk around in my sports bra and not worry about sucking it in. 

So.....since I started to finally lean out the old arms, I decided it was time to get some definition.  This is when I decided to call upon my old friend Jillian.  She and I have a love hate relationship.  I LOVE to cuss at her and hate that she makes me want to barf, when she talks to much.  OMG shup up please!  I am now on week 3 of Ripped in 30 and 30-day shred.  Today is the last day and then I move on to week 4!!  The results speak for themselves.  She knows what she is doing.  My arms no longer continue to wave, when my arm is at rest.  I now have a pretty decent bicep, a noticeable tricep AND my delts are starting to shine.  I ONLY use 3-5 pounds.  For me, this is what keeps me lean and tight.  I tried heavier weights with p90x and all it did was build upon the fat.  I prefer low weights, high reps.  BUT..that is just me.  I also stick to eating clean.  Don't get me wrong, I am not a 100% clean eater.  I doubt that day will ever come!  But I am eating a lot less processed foods.  Just recently I stopped eating my lean cuisines and smart ones.  I am not giving them up forever, they are just too convenient to do that.  I just want to see what results I get by cuttting them out for a bit. After my 30 days are over, I think I will start back up but start with weeks 2 and level 2.  I will do 2 weeks of level 2 week 2 and then incorporate weeks 3 & 4 with level 3.  I will continue to take progress pics and go from there!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My favorite things...

I thought I would share a little about my favorite things....

As you can probably tell from IG, I am obsessed with clothes!  OMG like seriously obsessed.  BUT...I am by no means rich, so I have to be frugal, when it comes to my fashion finds.  A lot of my clothes are old.  At least the classic looks.  Heck I have on a skirt today that I bought when I lived in NYC and I purchased it from The Limited inside the World Trade Center.  Yep, that is old! What I usually do is look to more expensive sites, one of my favs is J Crew.  Then I try to copy a certain look I like.  For instance the above outfit.  The green and white checked shirt is from Old Navy and cost me only 10 bucks.  I am a coupon Queen and it was on sale.  The sweater is Forever 21 and cost me 12 buckaroos!  The jeans on the other hand are a bit more expensive, but I did get them on sale.  They are True Religion and I paid $100 at Zappos.  Another obsession of mine is jeans. times it gets out of hand!  My favs are True Religion, 7 For All Mankind, Joe's and Hudson.  I NEVER EVER pay full price!  I get them at either Zappos or  Oh and Off Fifth, when I visit my sis in Florida.  I have a few Miss Me's but they aren't as flattering on me. 
My favorite place for workout clothes is by far Old Navy.  They are affordable and fit nice.  I will say the get a funky smell to them when you sweat, so I have to wash them VERY regularly. I also get some from Target.  Like I said before, I try to be frugal with my shopping.
Another obsession of mine is J Crew Factory.  OMG the deals you can get are awesome!  Just need to be patient and wait for the sales.  My last purchase there, I got 10 items for under $100.  And they are things that are in style right now!
I am NOT a make-up person or beauty product girl at all.  I wear whatever I can get on sale at Walgreens.  I do not wear foundation or powder, just a little blush on my cheeks, some lipstick, mascara and a nuetral eyeshadow.  I swear by Garnier Skin Renew Daily Moisture Lotion and good old Vaseline, for my face!
I love me some jewelry and I get most of this at Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe.  That way if it breaks, or my Livi breaks it, I am not out a lot of money.  I also love Francesca's.
Favorite online shopping sites: Old Navy, J Crew Factory, Forever 21,, Zappos, The Limited, Charlotte Russe and Target.  I am not a mall girl anymore.  I would rather order and return, if I have to.  I also love Hazel and Olive!!  That site is awesome and Taylor is so wonderful to deal with.  Also another new fav is Page 6 Boutique. Super cute clothes and affordable!
My favorite music is 80's by far.  Remember I am 25 for the 16th time!! 
Favorite vacation spot....CABO BABY!  That place is AMAZING!  Oh and Florida, my parents and little sis live there so that is a very affordable vacation!  I am actually going at the end of March for 10 days. Hence the 30-day shred and Ripped in 30 obsession. 
Favorite workout, kickboxing!!!  Like I have said before, this workout will get you some amazing overall results! That is how my abs woke up and started to show. :)
Favorite city to visit and of course shop.....NYC!  OMG I love that place.  I lived there for 8 years and sure do miss it.  I mean there is so much to do every moment of every day!  I used to get coffee and a bagel delivered.  Now who wouldn't love that!
My favorite people in the whole world:



I almost forgot I am a Real Housewives SUPER FAN!  Love them all.  They are all a big fat hot mess and watching them makes me realize, I am so happy and blessed to have such a "boring" life.  I also have to admit to the fact that I watch Dance Moms, Honey Boo Boo and Toddlers and Tiaras.  I also love just about anything on Bravo.  You know I don't watch one "normal" non-reality show.  Dear God, I think I need therapy!
On a side note, today is my first ever mammogram.  I am freaking out!  Thank God they don't have to take my blood pressure, it will be through the roof.  I just want it over with!  Hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday!

Monday, February 25, 2013

How I got out of my slump

My weight had pretty much been the same for about 10 years and then I had kids.  I did really well with both pregnancies as far as staying active and keeping the weight gain down.  I only gained 19 pounds with each baby and exercised the whole time.  I won't lie, I was scared to death to be pregnant.  Not because I was carrying this precious gift, but because I might get fat again.  As I think about it now, that was so sad and selfish of me.  BUT....this is where my head was still at.  Makes me so sad to think about how "sick" I really was.  I have yet to touch on it, but I battled bulimia for a few years and it really effed with my head....
A pic of when I stopped really caring.....
After both kids were born, I did good.  I think with Drew I was about a size 8 and with Liv, I was also an 8.  I got all the weight off within a few weeks.  Of course I nursed and worked out, as soon as I could. I think I should rephrase,  I squeezed into a size eight!  I actually didn't know that I had put back on that much weight, until I looked at the reunion pic and checked my weight on my medical records. See, I don't let them tell me what I weigh, when I go to the doctor.  AND... I always make them take my blood pressure first, just incase they slip and tell me, and that shit shoots through the roof!  Oh yes, I sit there and fixate on that number and it shoots my blood pressure right up.  It drives my mother crazy!  I am pleased to say, I did let them tell me, last time I was at Prompt Care.  It was 159.  That was a year ago.  I think I am most likely at about 150.  I just want that damn thing to say 149 or less, and I will shut up! Maybe it is by now.  But I can't really keep a scale in the house.  I am at too good of a place, to slip back into bad habits.  I go by my clothes and that is it.  I have my anual in August, I will let them tell me then!
Ok on to the day, "I was like WTF has happened to me".  I got up in the middle of the night and I was scratching my back, as I was going pee.  Yes, TMI, I know! :)  As I am doing this, I feel what I think is a chicken cutlet, right by my underarm/back.  OMG it was a FAT ROLL!  A BIG ONE!  I was like, how the heck did this happen.  How did I get back here. was SO depressing.  I was working out, so how can this be.  I know how, now, I was eating too much AND I had gotten too "comfortable". Plus my workouts were the same old thing and my body had "stalled".  I was walking/running every day, but my body was too used to this.  I had been eating "healthy" for YEARS so I  thought I was doing great.  Well, I wasn't.  I decided to do p90x, which was great, but I did it without once again, watching what I ate.  The end result...I was leaner but I wasn't toned!  I was eating all the right foods, just too many of them...LOL  I decided it was time to start tracking my calories (I use myfitnesspal, my user name is drewliv518).  Boy was this an eye opener!  I got pretty strict and tracked everything I put in my mouth.  Hell I realized that I was using way too much coffee creamer!!  I was amazed at how much of that crap I DIDN'T need!!  I was also eating way too many snacks.  You know, those snacks you don't realize you are eating, when you are preparing dinner.  DAMN, I liked to shove all kinds of stuff in there!  I was eating cheese and wheat thins, some wine, a few chips here and there.  All that crap adds up to a freaking meal, before your actual meal.  I also stopped counting fat, carbs and all that stuff.   I knew I was making the right choices, as far as healthy foods, I was just eating too many.  Now I stick to 1440 calories a day (and strictly just calories) and burn about 250-500/ a day.  I am now a size 4/6.  I bought my first pair of size 4 pants at The Limited, this past December.  I can also fit into a size 27 in jeans.  I swear, I NEVER thought that day would come!!! is what a typical day of food, looks like for me:

When I wake up, I chug a HUGE glass of water and have 2 cups of coffee.  I make flavored coffee and use 2 Tablespoons of fat free half and half.  I also drink tons and tons of water, all day long.

Breakfast at my desk is, oatmeal with flaxseed and a bagel thin with PB2 and some ham.  SO far calories are at 300.

Lunch is always a salad I make myself and a piece of protein (usually always chicken) some string beans and a sweet potato.  This adds up to about 450.

Dinner is protein with a starch and veggie.  That adds up to about 450.

So this puts me at about 1200 so I will throw in a snack of Greek yogurt and fruit or some wine.  I also love sugar free jell-o.  Oh and let's not forget, I am an ice cream freak!!! It can be 50 below zero outside and I will eat it.  Only difference now, I measure out just 1/2 and put it in a cake cone.  I measure all my food now.  It keeps me on track!

My workouts right now consist of 30-day shred, ripped in 30 and kickboxing (Jill Coleman and Taebo) and tabata (Jill Coleman).  I do one at lunch, then one, when I get home.  All of this combined is what has gotten my body leaned out and toned.  I do not do any other ab work.  Kickboxing is so amazing for the abs.  Tabata  is so awesome because the workout I do is 19 minutes and you are a sweaty mess when you are done.  It also helps your body to continue to burn calories over the next 24-48 hours.  I do all of these workouts at home.  Either in the living room, or in Liv's bedroom.  She has an ancient tv and dvd player in there.  I refuse to make excuses, I make it work, however I can. 

I still HATE my legs, but they are improving.  I don't notice the loose skin as much.  But like my husband tells me, I can't control that.  He tells me to remember just how far I have come.  I guess thinner thighs with some loose skin, is better than really big thighs and no loose skin.  I also have stretch marks on my belly, that I got from gaining so much weight, so quickly, as a teen.  I was 212 pounds in 8th grade...YIKES!   These do no bother me as much.  I have worked too hard to get some ab definition, to not wear a bikini.  I mean I used to be the girl that worea t-shirt over her suit and NEVER took it off.  And.... I am 41, if you don't like what you see, turn the other way...right?!?!? :)


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The day I will never forget...

Many have asked me what my aha  moment was.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  I woke up and had FINALLY had enough.  Enough of being so unhappy and trapped inside this body. The body I knew wasn't meant to be mine.  This body was keeping me from allowing my dreams to come true.  The body that was allowing me to be mentally and physically abused, my the world's BIGGEST DOUCHE BAG!  I mean he was the worst of the worst.  This is the same man that introduced me as his COUSIN to people.  But I still married him. The same man that would sit there and count my fat rolls and laugh.  Oh and let's not forget the time he told me that the reason he didn't take me anywhere, was because I was so fucking fat and ugly.  So this same asshole up and left me one day and never came back. And sadly I begged over and over again, for him to take me back. is how it all went down.  I woke up, decided that day was going to be the first day of the rest of my life.  I put on sweats and some tennis shoes and went for a walk around my parents neighborhood.  I decided I was no longer going to eat fried food or red meat and I was going to get fit!  NOT skinny, FIT!  I am 5'9 and curvy, I will NEVER be skinny.  Yes, I now have a thin build, but I am healthy and fit. It took me a good 2 years to drop about 80 pounds.  I did this by watching what I put in my mouth and exercising.  My workouts consisted of aerobics, walking and riding a stationary bike.  I ran some here and there, as well.   My meals were always a protein, veggie and a starch.  I was not about to cut out carbs....hello, bagels!  Funny though, now I don't eat them. Well let me rephrase, I don't eat those monster bagels, just the thin ones. :)  I will never forget the day I could finally fit in a pair of GUESS jeans.  Yes, it was the biggest size, but still, I was finally "normal".  Well what I thought was "normal".  These little rewards, I gave myself, kept me going.  I still reward myself.  Mostly with designer jeans.  Sorry but they are the only damn ones that fit my build.  At least that is how I justify the addiction. You have to set goal and must always reward yourself when you reach them.

The rest of my weight came off when I moved to NYC and was a nanny.  Oh good Lord I have some stories to tell about that!  Being a nanny on Park Avenue, you walk everywhere!  I mean come on, the mommy that birthed the kids, and doesn't work, but still has 2 full-time nannies, isn't going to let you take the car!! And God forbid I put them ont he subway!  Oh she was an evil biotch! So once again, walking got me thin.  I have never been in a gym and did not lose my weight from a diet.  I lost it the old fashioned way, through blood sweat and LOTS of tears.  I had many bad days and failed on many occasions.  I still do.  And I still have fat days where I eat and feel bad about it.  But it IS better than it was.  My advice to anyone trying to get fit, is to go balls to wall.  Change your lifestyle and pick an exercise program that you will stick too.  I liked walking and bike riding, so I was able to keep it up. And when you fall off the wagon, so what.  WE ALL DO!  Just get back on.  Don't do it to impress someone or so you can wear that dress or bikini you always wanted to.  Do it because you want to be healthy and live a long time.  Or like why I did, I was tired of living inside a body that wasn't truly mine.  I was an outgoing, fun, loving person that was trapped inside a sad and depressed shell of a human being.  Feels good to like who you are and where you are going....

Monday, February 18, 2013


If only I knew.  I know that from birth to age 5, I was a normal/healthy weight.  Then something happened.  I guess I not only grew upwards, I grew sideways as  I won't lie, it was SO hard growing up overweight.  I was made fun of by EVERYONE! And made fun of every day.  It makes me so sad to think about it.  So many people passed on getting to know me, just based on that # on the scale.   And let me tell you, having 2 very skinny sisters, didn't help.  Yep, I was the funny one with the pretty face.  UGH!!!  I tried every single fad diet known to man.  God love my mommy, she went on all of them with me, even though her weight was fine. We did the hot dog diet, the boiled egg diet, cabbage diet, slim fast, and that is to just name a few.  My mom was so good to me, she would always try and give me incentives, to drop the weight.  I remember offers of $100 shopping sprees.  And back in the 80's, that was some good shopping money.  We would do Jane Fonda workouts together and even Richard Simmons. Sadly, none of them ever worked.  And now I know why, diets just don't work.  At least not for me, and not for long term.  To successfully lose weight and keep it off, for years, you must do a complete lifestyle change.  This doesn't mean you can't eat what you want, you can, just in moderation.  Lord knows I still eat and is one of my bff's!  Remember I have two kids and one is a girl. :o) Wine....keeps me sane! 
  It took years for me to find out just who I was, and what I had to offer.  I found out that I am a pretty cool girl!  I am now outgoing and live my life to the fullest.  Most importantly, I smile.  I have come so far.  I am at a point in my life where I really like me and love, living.  I am also at a point where working out is fun.  I do it because I like to, not because I have to.  I am also over obsessing about what I weigh and how I look. If you don't like me for me, then so be it.  I am flawed, I have stretch marks, I have loose skin that I cannot get rid of.  My boobs are pathetic, I cuss like a sailor and I have wrinkles!  BUT...all of that together makes me, me! I will be the first person to cheer you on, in your weight loss journey and never let you say, "I can't".  Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can! 



Hello!  My name is Lori, I am a 41 year old mommy of 2 amazing kids, Drew & Liv and wife, to the extremely patient and understanding, Ray!  I am a midwestern girl that grew up overweight but lost 115+ pounds!  I work fulltime and try to live life to the fullest.  I decided to start a blog after meeting so many amazing people on Instagram.  They are like family now. :)  I hope to inspire people who are battling the bulge.  I will share with you real stuff, so brace yourselves!