Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Helping "M"

If you follow me on IG, you have heard about the sweet soul that reached out to me, via email, after reading my story in the Huffington Post.  I want to share with you the full emails, I received:

"Hello Lori I'm hoping you can give me some advice. I've been overweight since I was a child. I have tried many diets and weight loss programs with very little success on them. I am curently over 600 and unsure what to do".

"Hello Lori  It helps to talk to someone who can understand.  I've always felt that if you take the time to cook it that all of it should be eaten.  I have never been able to tolerate people throwing away food.  I was the fattest kid in school so I was teased. I have gotten uesd to it over the years.  When I leave the house.  People stare/laugh and make jokes.  Plus most places are'nt able to accommodate someone my size.  I do get frustrated about that.  That is a big issue.  It's embarrassing to say but I have broken furniture because of my weight.  I also have 2 older sisters who have never had a weight problem.  I don't get a feeling of being full.  After I eat a certain amount I am satisfied.  When I have pizza I will eat a extra large pepperoni pizza with a dozen bread sticks/a dozen cinnamon sticks and hot wings and still be able to eat more.  I want to make changes slowly.  I have to eat more salads/less fried food and sweets. Do you think it makes a difference.  If I eat low fat ice cream or the fat free cakes? I am also eating more fruit. I mainly eat beef and pork.  Although I will try to eat more grilled fish and chicken. I use gobs and gobs of butter on everything.  I can try not to use so much.  I'm not able to walk 10 minutes at one time.  I have to stop and rest. I'm trying to go a little bit longer each time. This week I will get the dvd's and weights.  So I can exercise in bed.  I can get a wheelchair.  Do you thing that something that I should do?  Can you continue to give me suggestions.  That would help me a lot".

I read both of these emails, and cried.  It hit home with me.  I seriously had to go lock myself in the bathroom after reading the second one.  I didn't want my babies to see me upset.  At that very moment, I wished so much I could jump through my phone and give this person a hug and tell them, "It WILL be OK".  I showed my husband and even he, got choked up.  I might not have been 600 pounds, but I CAN relate to so much that he is going through. Yes, this is from a gentleman.  I think so many of us grew up in homes, where you had to eat what was on your plate.  I know I did.  My parents were HARD workers, but we never had a lot of money.  At times, we lived paycheck to paycheck.  So wasting was not an option.  Plus eating super healthy, just wasn't the "thing to do" back then.  If we ate out, it was a treat!  And it really only happened on vacation.  I can also relate to him eating an entire pizza.  I know I did that many times.  I was a comfort eater.  I ate because it made me feel good, when I was sad.  It's "funny" how people think that if you call someone fat, that is going to make them lose weight.  PU-LEASE!  That is so not how it works.  When I got called fat, yes, I wanted to lose weight and show those a-holes.  But....that isn't what happened.  I would go eat.  And eat a lot....  I am by no means a weight loss expert.  But I have been there.  I think it is easier for "M" as I will refer to him, to relate to me, over someone he sees on tv, that has trainers and chef's helping them on their journey.  I will continue to email with "M" and do all I can, to help him. 

Growing up I used to say, "why me, God"?  "Why did you make me fat"?  "Why can't these people see that I am a good person"?  'Why do they think I am ugly and disgusting, just because I am big"? "Shouldn't people be nice because I am nice"? Yep, I had many conversations like this. I sat there and felt sorry for myself.  When all my friends had boyfriends and I was the one with the "pretty face", I thought it was UNFAIR.  Fast forward 20+ years and I get emails from readers like this, or people that found me on IG, and I get my questions answered.  I went through what I did, to help others, going through the same thing.  I try very hard to always comment back to those, that take the time, to comment on my IG pics.  If I miss one of your comments, it was not intentional.  If you email me, I will respond.  If I didn't, please know that I might not have gotten it.  I am not on IG or in the blog world, for fame.  No.....just NO!  My IRL friends know I do not handle attention very well.  Hello, I am 41 years old and still get anxiety walking into a restaurant by myself. (If you are reading this, Abbie, you are shaking your head yes). :) I am out there sharing my life, in hopes that someone, will take something from it, that will help them.  SO with this, might come some people that find me beyond annoying.  People who will simply follow me, to see what annoying picture or blog entry, I post next.  I know this.  I get it.  It is par for the course.'s OK, it's worth it. WHY????? Because I get to try and help people like "M". 

Growing up I had an amazing support system, that never gave up on me.   I am going to be that, for "M".  Add cheerleader to my resume, because I am going to be cheering him on, from here on out!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vaction Link Up!

I LOVE vacations, no matter when or where, so I had to join this link up! 
One of the most recent vacations I took, was to Florida, in December, to surprise my baby sis!  My brother-in-law sent my older sister and I a text, asking if we had some free time to come visit.  My response was umm....HELL YES!!!
The reason for this lovely sisters trip....he just wanted to do something nice for his wife.  Which I thought was very sweet!  So we confirmed the dates that would work for us, and John got the tickets.  When I went to look at my confirmation, my lovely brother-in-law booked my old ass a wheel chair.  Isn't he sweat!!!! I thought it was funny, actually.  I am happy to report, I was able to avoid it, at the airport.  :)
We left Peoria at around 5:30 and John met us in Punta Gorda around 9ish.  He told Julie he had a "business" dinner.  When we arrived at the house, John went in first.  Sherry and I stayed in the car and made a video.  Yes, that is what we do!  About 2-3 minutes later, we sauntered in, like we owned the place!! If Julie would have had a gun, she would have shot us!  I think we scared the shit out of her!  The look on her face was priceless.  After we scarfed down some Mc Donald's, we proceeded to drink a TON of wine and hang by the pool! I think we finally made it to bed around 2 am, I think!  We were up bright and early the next day.  We decided to hit the outlet mall and do some damage.  I might have purchased some items at J Crew Factory and Kate Spade...MIGHT! ;) After shopping, it was once again time for wine!  So we hit up this amazing little Italian restaurant for pizza and wine.  When we got back to Jul's house, it was time to chill by the pool and have more wine!  Oh and John had to fix my damn shoe!  It broke right as we were leaving the mall.  Classy, I know! 

That night John got an overnight sitter for the kids and we hit the town!  On this evening, I drank wine, beer and had my very first gin and tonic.  Oh good lawd, we got tipsy!  But man did we have fun!!!  Too much, maybe????
We are eating a gigantic BURNT caramel popcorn ball. Oh and we got in trouble for video taping each!  I guess the bright light was blinding poor John!

Don't ask.... ;)

WAY too many drinks at this point!
Yes, we are all drinking a PITCHER of beer!

Me and my gin and juice! ;)

The next day it was time for even more shopping, but this time, we went to St. Armand's Circle!  I just love it there!  Everything was decorated for Christmas, so it was beautiful.  We hit all the boutiques and had lunch and a beautiful outdoor restaurant.  And guess what, we had more wine!! After lunch we shopped some more and stopped for dessert.  Which consisted of this:

                                                        Yep, that is how we sisters roll!!

On our way back to Jul's house, we stopped to see how are parents house was coming along.  It was coming along nicely!  We decided that since we were there, we might as well take a the shower, of all places!!


Then it was time to rest up for another night on the town.  This time, it was going to have to be a bit more low key.  Low key as in margaritas!  Yeah, I know what you are thinking, Lori is a lush!  I am, but just on kid free vacations! :)  After dinner and drinks we decided to hit Publix and the liquor store.  I mean it's not like all we had been doing is eating and drinking!  We got a bunch of fattening shit and some cake liquor and pineapple juice and headed home.  I think we all lasted about an hour.  All of our partying was catching up with us. 

The next day, my parents arrived.  It was a low key day, by the pool.  That night we went with our parents to Crabby Bill's in St. Pete and had a nice dinner and of course, some MORE WINE!  We have been going to Crabby Bill's since Julie was knee high to a grasshopper! Oh and at this point in the trip, Sherry and I were sporting some pretty obvious "food babies".  GOOD LORD!  We both looked about 6 months pregnant! Eeek!!!  I guess it was our bodies way of telling us, time to go home!  So we packed up and had ONE glass of wine, with our dad, by the fire pit.

 We flew home the next day, bright and early.  We were back in the Patch around 11, and I spent the day on the couch!  Well until I went to pick up my babies at school.  Boy did I miss them!

I am so thankful that I got to spend this time with my sisters.  I love them so much and they are both such amazing women!  I am also so thankful to John, for flying us out and treating us to lots of good food, great wine and even better memories!  I hope that we will make this an annual trip, where we are drinking our weight in wine and singing Christmas Carols, in a mini van! 

                                                           Lori the Lush









Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Monday!!  Wait....can Happy and Monday be used in the same sentence???  Yes, darnit!  Because if you say you are going to be happy, then you better be!!  I am once again linking up for Motivation Monday!  Please go check out all of these amazing women. Especially Wendy!  LOVE HER!!   I know I can't wait to check them all out!
Today I thought I would touch on, how to make your food, fun!  I know how easy it can be at times, to get bored with the food you are eating.  I try very hard to MAKE it interesting.  Like today, I changed my usual overnight oats for some Kashi cereal with Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries.  OMG TO DIE FOR!!  Not only is it good for you, it took me forever to eat it.  It was nice and crunchy and so filling.  (I am just not one that can drink ANY of my meals).  I need to crunch and chew and feel like I am getting something out of my meals!  The cereal alone was loaded with fiber and protein.  And when you add in the protein from the Fage Greek Yogurt, it's a win win!  For lunch, I am going to have whole grain brown rice with some string beans and a chickpea burger.  I add some hot sauce and spicy mustard and mix it all up in a bowl.  I know it might sound GROSS, and even look gross, but it is so yummy!  I think the key to remaining successful n your journey, is to step outside the box.  Try new and interesting foods.  You might think they look and taste disgusting, just MIGHT be pleasantly surprised!  Like one day, I used spicy mustard for my baked fries, instead of ketchup and now I am hooked!  I used way too much ketchup and it's full of sugar.  I even use mustard on my sweet potato fries!  Don't think you always have to eat salad or chicken.   And don't think because a recipe calls for oil or butter, you HAVE to use it.  I always omit it and my food still tastes yummy.  Heck some nights I will have a 1/4 cup of cookie crisp cereal with some Fage Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries, as my snack.  I fool myself into thinking it is really a vanilla sundae with chocolate chips and strawberries.  So far, it is working!

 This is truly the best time of year when you can get any veggie or fruit, fresh, and at a decent price!  So hit those farmer's markets or even your local grocery store.  Watermelon is my favorite!!!  It fills me up and makes me pee, a ton! :-)  Don't forget all of the other yummy melons available right now as well.  I also stock up on cherries and other berries.  I know produce can add up, price wise, but if you look at the big picture, it is SO worth it!  Plus when you eat clean, you get to eat less and fill full! :) 

This weekend we spent a lot of time around the pool and I was a good girl.  I only had 4 beers all weekend and they were Becks Premium, with only 64 calories.  I squeeze some lime in mine and add a tiny bit of salt.  YUMMY!  For snacks, I refrained. a first for me.  I just didn't need them.  Why you ask...I had a nice healthy/clean breakfast and lunch.  I was too full to eat!  And you all know how much I love wine....I didn't have a single drop, ALL weekend!  I even have a bottle chilling in the fridge. Just had no desire.  OMG what is happening to wino Lori?!?!?
I am telling you, just making some slight changes to your diet, can really help kick things up a notch!  I am not a 100% clean eater, by any means.  But once you start to incorporate clean eating into your diet, other things just fall into place.   Just start with one meal a day and go from there!  You will be amazed at how much better you start to feel! :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Details Link up with Holly an Melanie


Hey all!  I am linking up today with Holly and Mel!  At first I was like, ummm...I have been married THREE times, shall I share all of them.  HELL NO!  I will share the happily ever after one, with you.  The one that many thought wouldn't last.  The one that I have fought so hard to make work.  The one, I seriously thought could end.  The one that I know in my heart will always last.  The one where I married the true love of my life, the best daddy in the world and my best friend...

I met Ray YEARS ago, like in the early 90's.  We had mutual friends.  I had a HUGE crush on Ray.  He was just dreamy and so mysterious.  One night when we were at a bar, some dork wouldn't stop hitting on me, so I looked to Ray, to rescue me.  So he starts holding my hand, to let this dork know, I was taken.  I was in serious HEAVEN!  So as the night came to an end....Ray kissed me in the parking lot and we held hands on the drive home.  I was so excited.  UNTIL HE NEVER CALLED ME!!!!!!!  Yep, he was just too cool for me, I guess.  Fast forward 10 years later and me going through a divorce. I was home for the holiday's from NYC and I saw him, at a friends house.  He told me I looked like a super model and could get any man I wanted.  I looked him dead in the eye and said, "we'll see about that".   This was 02.  So I move home for good, in April of 03 and Ray and I start dating. We were together every day.  I instantly fell in love with him.  It was something I had never had before.  I was 100% content and confident.  We moved in together that fall (yes, this was fast considering I was divorced) .  People were skeptical but my previous relationship was over 2 years, before it was truly over.  Any who, Ray proposed to me on July 30th, 2004.  He did this in the kitchen as I was standing there in my jammies.  See he tried to do the whole romantic proposal, but I was a BITCH, the day he tried so hard.  He took me for a drive to find the perfect romantic spot and I was not having it.  He even tried later that night with champagne and Thai food.  After he proposed I called my sisters, because I was SO excited.  My older sister took us to dinner and we all got pretty tanked!  Fast forward exactly one week later, I AM PREGNANT!  It took 5 or 6 tests for it all to sink in.  SO my already semi-planned beach wedding in Florida, just got nixed!  Yep, time for plan B. 

Location:  My older sister's backyard with 50 of our family members and a few very close friends.  It was the most beautiful day.  Not a cloud in the sky and 80 degrees.  We were married on September 18th.  We had a bbq in the backyard, that was catered by Corky's BBQ. 

Bridal Party:  Both of my beautiful sisters were Matron of Honor's and Ray's brother was the best man.

Color:  My dress was a strapless eyelet number I got from Banana Republic for $40 on clearance.  Original dress was from the J Crew collection. Yeah, not happening with my pregnant boobs. They grew at an unheard of pace!  My sisters both wore pretty lavender shirts with black skirts.  My flowers were hot pink Gerber Daisy's.

Dance:  Ummm...there was no dance or DJ.  We did play some music though. :)

Honeymoon:  Non existent.  I was SO tired and we were SO poor, this just wasn't in the cards.  Ray got drunk and passed out the moment we got home.  I guess he figured I was already knocked up! :) We will get our dream honeymoon next fall.  We are getting that beach wedding in St. Pete, after all.  We will renew our vows for our ten year anniversary and then fly off to Cabo, without the kiddos!  Perks of having my parents live in Florida!

What would I change: Absolutely nothing.  We made the best of what we had.  It was the perfect day.  The day I truly got my happily ever after....
Wait I would change the fact that my dad went on a "I am going to preach to all of you about what drinking does to your brain" thingy and he started to empty booze bottles.  I think dear dad, had one too many, himself!  Just sayin... ;)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why I put myself out there...

As many of you know, I have shared my story with Fitness Magazine and The Huffington Post.  I am sure some think it is because I am some fame whore, that loves attention.  But those people don't really know me.  The ONLY reason I have put myself out there and shared my story is help people who are struggling with the road I was once on.  So I will take all of the negative comments like: 

"yeah she could be a swimsuit mode, a plus size one".

"the pics she posted aren't even of her".

"no way this chick hasn't had skin removal surgery".

"you can't lose that amount of weight and look like that".

"she needs to eat a sandwich"

"Lose another 40 lbs. and I will consider dating you"

"And I have a bridge I'd like to sell you--tell me there was no BIG surgery, no plastic surgery to remove excess skin--tell me that is the same person"!

"Ever notice in these so call weight lost photos the before and after pictures do not ever look like the same person. Where is all the sagging skin due to a large amount of weight loss? This is an advertisement ploy used to get overweight people to buy their products".

"I don't believe the after pic is her. I know too many people who have done this for real. This is bogus".

Isn't that Honey Boo all growed up"?

Yep, when you are willing to put yourself out there, in hopes of inspiring just ONE person, they go after you like vultures!  It's ok, with every negative comment, I had so many truly sweet comments.  It's sad, that as a society, we want to tear people down, the moment they are finally feeling good about themselves.  I will take it though, because I KNOW I am helping others, believe in themselves.  My story just MIGHT help them realize.....THEY CAN DO IT!  I received an email from a reader of the Huffington Post, article.  This person is 600 pounds and simply asked for some advice.  THIS IS WHY I DO WHAT I DO!  I emailed this person back and if I can do anything to help them, I will. 

It's sad that when someone is overweight, society says it is OK, to make fun of them and call them all kinds of horrible names.  And then when they work their ass off, to get HEALTHY, not skinny, it's OK to call them a whole other group of negative names.  Will there ever be a time when all that matters is what is on the inside, not the outside??? 


Monday, June 17, 2013

Clean eating...


Happy Monday!! Wait....wasn't it just Friday?!?!?!?!  This weekend was a busy one for us!  I took Liv to work with me, on Saturday, for some OT.  The firm I work for is purging files.  Ummm....files from way back in the early 80's!  Needless to say, we are nowhere near done.  Liv had the time of her life.  One thing that girl is, a VERY  hard worker.  She worked her behind off for hour hours straight. The senior partner gave her $20 for all of her hard work.  She was pleased as punch!! After working, we ran home to shower and hit the road for STL!  We treated daddy to a night away in a hotel and yummy food.  We also hit the zoo.  We got home Sunday afternoon and had to run to Old Navy and Sam's Club.  After that, we cooked out.  Ray had a humongous steak and we had salmon.  It was a wonderful weekend!! 



At Old Navy, I tried on a bikini.  You probably are wondering, "does she really need another bikini".  NOT REALLY, but I have a lot that are too big in my booty!  SO...I do need a few.  This bikini was kind of a reward for my clean eating.  I guess I just really saw a difference in my body.  I actually thought I looked pretty lean and my cellulite wasn't making me want to puke.  And...the bikini only cost me $14!  It was a good day!  After I posted the pic on IG, I got some requests about what I eat, when I eat clean.  So I thought I would do a little research and post it for you.  I am not by the book, all the time, but I still to the following guidelines.  I actually discovered that I already ate pretty clean, when I did the Advocare Cleanse.  If you read my blog, you know I didn't last but 3 days on it.  BUT....I did keep up my healthy eating.  I just couldn't handle what all that fiber did to my stomach. I was bloated and SO miserable.  With clean eating, you will notice less cravings for the sweet stuff and the "bad" stuff.  I also drink way less wine and don't ever crave a glass.  You will see a difference in your skin and hair as well.  I think the most noticeable thing for me, is how full I feel.  I  mean it, I am never really hungry.  I will eat a grilled chicken breast, string beans and whole grain rice for lunch, and be full for hours.  The hardest part about eating clean for me, is all the prepping.  You are making all of your food, so that takes time. is SO worth it!!

Here are nine things to follow, when trying to eat clean: (information was provided by

1. Eat six small meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and three snacks. Try to eat every few hours to curb hunger and promote a higher metabolism.

2. Choose whole grains and complex carbohydrates to give you more energy and keep you feeling fuller longer. Remember that whole wheat is not necessarily whole grain. Look for breads, rice and pasta that are not just brown, but also made with 100% whole grains. One serving is about the size of your closed fist.
3. Leave calorie-filled, non-nutritional "junk food" at the grocery store. If you buy fresh foods, you will eat fresh foods.

4. Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want. Try to add one serving, about a handful, of each per meal. Fruits also make great snacks because they are full of natural sugar and can help fight those afternoon sugar cravings.

5. Eat lean meats, chicken and fish whenever possible, staying away from processed and fatty meats. This will give you much needed protein with little fat. One serving is about the size of you palm.

6. Read labels. Look at calorie counts but also look at nutritional value and ingredients. Try to avoid foods with white flour, sugar and sugar substitutes, saturated fats and trans-fats.

7. Take small bags of unsalted almonds, cashews and walnuts with you to work so you don't get tempted by vending machines and break room junk food.

8. Check Internet sites, libraries and bookstores for recipes to keep your new lifestyle fresh and flavorful.

9. Give yourself a "cheat day" but remember not to go overboard. Allow yourself a meal out with friends or a special food, but try not to undo all your hard work from the rest of the week. Enjoy being healthy!

Some items I always have on hand:

Tons of fresh veggies and frozen ones.  Avoid the canned one, they have hidden crap in them.  Chicken breasts, fish, pork chops, ground turkey, whole grain bread, pasta and rice.  Make sure the label says whole grain.  I also keep pb2 and all natural peanut butter on hand.  Old fashioned oats and steel cut oats are also always on hand.  Once you start eating clean or "cleaner", it gets easy.  It becomes a way of life.  And now is the time to give it a try with all that fresh produce available in the summer months! 

Hope you all had a great weekend!  I sure missed being able to see my dad this weekend. :(  BUT.....we will be poolside, in Florida, with him, in 4 weeks!











Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I eat....

Happy Hump Day, everyone!!  I just got back from the eye doctor!  I am happy to say, I still have 20/20 vision!  I just need a +1 reader, for days when my eyes are fatigued.  Not too bad for an old broad, like me!!  One thing she did say, I most likely sleep with my eyes slightly open.  Ummm...what????  Yep, apparently that is why my eyes get dry.  She could tell from some line in my eye.  If it gets too bad, she said I could tape my eyes  CREEPY!!!

SO.....I have been asked a few times, what I eat, and how I keep myself from binge eating.  Well I will touch on the binge eating, first.  Some of you may know, from my guest post  here over at Mamalaughlin, that I had an issue with bulimia. was at times, pretty bad.  So for me, keeping my eating in check, is VERY important. I cannot and will not ever go back to that way of living.

So what do I eat???  I eat a!  I really do.  I count calories via myfitnesspal, but I don't count carbs or fat or any of that stuff.  Funny thing, I feel the best I ever have, since doing this.  I guess at this point in my life, I know what to eat and what not to eat.  SO...this means I avoid high fat, high carb/sugary foods.  Not completely, I just eat them in moderation. Well I try to.  If you put a plain white sheet cake in front of me, I cannot lie, I will eat a TON!  To the point I want to puke.  Another food I just can't eat a few of, Doritos.  I have no idea why, I am not a big chip person.  But man....those things get me every time! 

Here are some things I eat during the week:

Bagel thins with all natural peanut butter. 
Egg whites with whole wheat toast and ham
Overnight oats....LOVE
Fage Greek yogurt, plain
Fresh fruit
Turkey taco meat, with brown rice
Baked sweet potatoes
Turkey burgers that I make myself.  I avoid any pre-made proteins.  They add secret crap to them!
Grilled chicken
Turkey meatloaf
Turkey tacos with homemade guacamole and some low carb tortillas that I toast up and use as chips.
Grilled pork chops
Grilled tilapia, salmon or mahi-mahi
Grilled shrimp
Edy's lite ice cream...I LOVE THEM ALL
Mock ice cream sandwiches with lite cool whip, pb2 and some no added sugar Hershey's syrup
Banana pancakes that I make with 1/2 banana and 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats, that I grind to a powder consistency, add some Almond Milk and cook like you would "normal" pancakes.  I serve min with a little peanut butter and sugar free syrup
Big ass salads!  I load up my organic greens with tons of veggies and make my own dressing with lite miracle whip, spicy mustard and vinegar.
String beans and edamame.  These are always on hand in the freezer

Here is a sample of my day:

Breakfast- is overnight oats and coffee with fat free half & half

Snack 35 calorie whole grain toast with pb2 or all natural peanut butter

lunch-big ass salad, grilled chicken breast with string beans and whole grain brown rice.  I add some spicy mustard to it, mix it all up in a bowl and eat!  It is so yummy, clean and filling!

Snack- watermelon or any other fresh fruit with a dollop of Fage Greek yogurt, plain.

Dinner- grilled salmon, roasted cauliflower and rice pilaf

Snack- 1/2 cup of Edy's lite ice cream in a cake cone

There you have it, I eat all day long and never feel deprived!  If I have some extra calories to use, I will have some wine or a beer.  OR...throw in another healthy snack like some popcorn.

To prevent myself from binge eating, I pick one day a week, to not count calories.  Which usually consists of eating as I normally do for breakfast and lunch and letting dinner, be my cheat meal.  This is usually Mexican night on Friday's.  I will not count out my chips or measure the queso, I just sit back and enjoy!  I also have an ice cream cone and don't measure it out.  I can't go to overboard, because if I do, I end up like a bloated PIG!  I get all miserable and look like I am six months pregnant with a food baby.  I HATE that feeling.  I have noticed that eating clean has taken care of cravings for "bad" foods and I have not had a caffeine free diet coke in 2 weeks!  I am just so full, that I don't need any special treats. 

I have 2 babies that look up to me and one is a little girl.  I DO NOT want her to ever go through what I did.  I want her to have a healthy body image.  I have to set an example for my kids.  They know how important a healthy diet and exercise are.  They work out with me some nights.  They love to do crunches and push ups!  They want to outdo mommy.  Drew loves to do bicep curls too. 
And....they are always outside if it is nice.  We play soccer, baseball, ride bikes, swim, climb trees, fish,



play tag and Frisbee.  They don't even know they are exercising, to them it is fun and a way of life.  I want us all to live A LONG LONG TIME!!!! :)