Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thankful Thursday...

Today I  was asked by the absolutely lovely, Jenna @ to join a link up, called Thankful Thursday!  I of course said yes, because A.  I LOVE Jenna and B.  I am one blessed girl and have so much to be thankful for.  I feel like lately, there has been so much negative in the world that why not focus on all that we DO have to be thankful for, not what we wish was different.  So here goes!

1.  I am so thankful to have the most amazing parents in the world.  They have loved me no matter what!  And let's just say this, at times, I have not been so lovable.  They have taught me that it could always be worse.  And they are right.  A few years ago, when I was having a REALLY rough time, my mom told me to STOP focusing on what I don't have and look at ALL that I do have.  Boy was she right.  Life is just too short to not enjoy all that you have.  Sure we all wish we had more money, were thinner and prettier, but none of THAT, will every make you truly happy....

2.  My babies.  OMG I cannot tell you how amazing these two are.  They make me laugh every single day.  For example the other day, Liv asked me what the doctor did when I had my colonoscopy.  Yeah, she is odd like that.  Any who, when I explained to her that they had to take a camera and explore inside mommy, her response was this...."YOU mean they took a cell phone and put it in your butt?"  "I mean did they text what they saw?"  I sh*t you not, this is what my child said!  I guess to a kid born in 2006, a camera is a phone. :) And then there is Drew, my sweet little boy.  The one that tells my he thinks I am beautiful and the best mommy ever, at least 10 times a day.  He too makes me laugh, every day.  On Monday night, from the kitchen I hear, "Oh  man, my right ball hurts".  I could not help but burst out in laughter.  I looked at Ray and said, "ok this one is yours".  hahah!!  Thankfully, all was well in the old "ball" dept.  I am pretty sure his sister "accidentally" kicked him.  Just sayin... 

3.  My husband.  The one that I refused to let get away.  We have been up and down and way down but we never gave up.  We have been together 10 years and married 9. (these numbers were reversed, until my girl Marcy, pointed out to me, my mistake...I am blonde after all ) :) I can honestly say, I am happier than I have ever been.  We FINALLY get each other.  We know how to fight and we know how to love.  So it all balances out.  He knows that when I have PMS, to just walk away and let me fly off the handle.  And I know when he just needs his ESPN, its ok.  I have learned over the years that NOTHING worth fighting for is easy.  Love is hard.  Especially true love.  You must take the good with the bad. 

4.  All of the amazing women I have become friends with, thanks to IG!  Aly, Darci, Jenna, Sara, Marcy, April, Michelle, Wendy, Danielle....just to name a few.  I absolutely adore these women.  And I get to meet a few of them IRL, in 6 weeks!!!!  SO EXCITED! I know we will laugh until we cry and make these girl's weekends, a regular thing!

5. I am thankful that I have had to struggle in life. Because it has made me stronger than I ever thought possible.  I am thankful for my too small of a house, my 10 year old car, my ability to buy only things that are on sale.  I am also thankful that money truly doesn't mean sh*t to me. Yes, it would be nice to have more.  BUT....only so I could share the wealth.  No matter what you might think of me, based on what you see in pics or read here, I really am just a simple girl.  What makes me happy is being with my family.  Yep, a night at home with my loved ones by my side, is ALL I NEED! :)

And there you have it!  Just a few things I am thankful for....


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

That one pair...

With it being 9/11, this post will be short...but it relates to that very day, 12 years ago..

So in my house, I do my own laundry as does my hubby.  Not sure why, but it has been this way, since we started dating. I can't complain it's one less person's crap I have to  Any who, last night Ray told me he was going to do laundry.  Mind you this was at 9:30 and I had one eye open, barely.  I told him that I had clothes in the dryer that I just couldn't fold.  I told him could just shove them up his ass.  Yes, I seriously said that. was in a sweet way, that made him laugh.  I figured they would show up, unfolded, on the couch, when I woke in the morning.  To my surprise, they were ALL neatly folded and waiting for me, on the bathroom sink.  OK here comes the weird part....on top of that pile, was the pair of underwear I bought the evening of 9/11, at a different Duane Reade, across from my office.  See I spent the night in my office on 9/11 because my apartment was part of the crime scene.  In fact, we weren't allowed to move back in until after the Thanksgiving holiday.  I actually lived at The Waldorf Astoria, until I could move back to my apartment.  The Waldorf (and many other hotels) was kind enough to offer rooms, at a special rate, for those of us displaced after 9/11. 

I have not worn those "Hanes Her Way" cotton briefs since 9/12/01.  That's right, they have been packed away in a dresser drawer since I moved back home in 03.  Here is my this a sign of some sort????  I mean if you read my blog, you know I only wear thongs.  SO...why did these undies appear?  Liv and I cleaned my room, this weekend, so maybe she pulled them out and they got mixed up with dirty laundry.  But how strange is it that not only did Ray fold my laundry, he placed that pair of undies, on the top of the pile.  I am going to take it as some sort of a sign.  A good sign, that it is OK for me to grieve, every year.  It is OK for me to sob, for no reason at all, except for the fact that it is 9/11. It is OK, that I will  never be able to erase those horrible images from my brain.  It is ALL OK, because it is a part of ME.  It has taught me to love harder, forgive easier, live ever day like it might be my last AND....I never ever go a day without telling my babies and my husband that I love them at least 20 times.  So if you are reading this, reach out to those you love, forgive someone that has hurt you and live this day like it is your last... 

When things get bad....remember, they WILL get better. 


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

So what....

Today I am doing a random post of all the things I have recently said, "so what" to! 

So what if I started to walk out of the house yesterday, with mouthwash, still in my mouth!

So what if after I did that, I had to run back in to apply deodorant, that I had forgot to put on.

So what if Liv got raisin bran and milk ALL over her uniform and I told Ray if she doesn't wear the polo dress I gave her to put on, she can just go naked!  (don't worry, she wore clothes)

So what if I started to ball like a baby, when I saw 9/11 footage on Sunday.  It is part of me and I can't control it.

So what if I did tabata yesterday and wanted to DIE!!!

So what if I am looking forward to Honey Boo Boo's episode tomorrow night.  I want to see June commit to Sugar Bear, so there!

So what if I cleaned my entire bedroom except the closet.  It will get done, when it gets done!

So what if I ate REALLY good yesterday,  JUST so I could have some white wine.  Some days, you just gotta go with it. 

So what if I went to the grocery store for a "few" things and spent $225.  Eating clean aint cheap!  And yes, I know that aint, aint a word.

So what if I correct my children's grammar like a crazy woman.  I am a stickler for it!

So what if this morning Liv asked me why I wear underwear up my butt (I wear thongs) every day and I told her, "because this way I don't have to keep picking my butt all day, it just stays up there".  Hey, its the truth!

So what If I am excited that my mother-in-law coming over tonight, for a pizza cooking and no dishes!

So what if I keep looking for airfare to Florida for Thanksgiving even though I vowed to NEVER travel during that time again!  Yeah, having the check-in line at LaGuardia be wrapped around the ENTIRE airport, DID ME IN.  BUT....I miss my Florida family.

So what if I wish I could start my own business where I go to people's houses to try and kick start them on their lifestyle change.  I could workout with them and show them how to prep and what to prep, to eat clean.

So what if have 2 super full baskets of laundry to put least it is clean and folded!

So what if I FINALLY unpacked my last bag, from our July Florida trip.  I could have just waited until I needed it for Chicago, in November. :)

So what if I CANNOT wait to meet so many amazing women, in November, in Chicago.  And so what if I already consider them close friends, even though we have yet to meet IRL!

So what if I am already thinking of what to wear for  my Chicago trip....I'm weird like that.

OK that is it for now!  I hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday...


Friday, September 6, 2013

I was nominated by one of my favorite bloggers, Amanda @ My Very Own Modern Family, for a Sunshine Award.  I just love her and hope to meet her IRL! :)

Anyway, the rules of the award are as follows:
The award is circulated to those bloggers to let them know that their posts brighten your day.

1. Include the award logo on your post or blog
2. Link to the person who nominated you - Amanda @ My Very Own Modern Family
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
4. Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award. Link your nominees in your post and leave them a comment letting them know that they have been nominated.

1. What is your greatest accomplishment? My babies, Drew and Liv

2. Manicures or do your own nails?  I have had one manicure in 41 years, so it appears I do my own! :)

3. Do you play any musical instruments? I played the flute and NO, NOT that kind of flute you dirty minded people. :)  I was HORRIBLE at it and beat it on my flute stand, nightly, in hopes that it would break.

4. If you had to be in a talent show, what would be your talent?  I can belch so loud and disgusting it would clear a room. Oh and I can tie a cherry string in a knot, with my tongue.

5. What is your favorite board game?  Clue

6. Where do you rank in birth order with your siblings (if any)?  I am right smack in the middle. I am one of 3 girls.

7. What is the one city you want to visit before you die? San Diego

8. Solids or prints? Solids

9. What is your go-to recipe for a potluck?  Low fat buffalo chicken dip

10. If you could win a $5000 gift card, which store would it be for?  J Crew Factory

There you have it!  Now on to my 10 questions:

1. Your "first time", regret or no regret
2. Best concert you have ever been to
3. Vanilla or chocolate
4. Dream Car
5. Have you ever been in a fist fight
6. Tropical vacation or ski vacation
7. Do you still speak to your high school bff
8. Cake or pie
9. Gin or Vodka in your martini
10. Have you ever peed your pants, as an adult

And the nominees are:
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