Monday, December 9, 2013

December challenge, to myself!

As we all know, this is the time of year that pants tend to get a bit tight!  You know from all that yummy holiday food.  SO....I have decided that I would like to lose some lbs, while the rest of the world is!  I am back at logging ALL of my calories, on MFP.  I am also back to doing Ripped in 30, combined with JM kickboxing.  Here is my schedule for that.

Day 1, Ripped in 30 (week one).
Day 2, JM Kickboxing (workout one)
Day 3, Ripped in 30 (week one)
Day 4, JM Kickboxing (workout 2)
Day 5, Ripped in 30 (week one)
Day 6, JM Kickboxing (workout 3)
Day 7, REST DAY!

 I will be doing this, until the 29th.  On the 30th, I plan to start P90X3, with my hubby.  I cannot tell you how excited I am about starting this.  Yes, I did say excited.  I love the p90x workouts.  Well I love the exercises, just not how time consuming they were.  Committing to an hour a day, for this working mommy, who likes sleep, was just too much.  SO....when I heard that X3 workouts are only 30 minutes, I was thrilled!!  I immediately called Ray and asked if he would do it with me.  I am so glad he said yes.  He has been struggling with his weight and so desperately wants to get back to eating healthy and working out.  I figure we can keep each other accountable and motivated at the same time!  Plus we have a beach wedding to attend in February, that we both want to look good for.  I figure we will have a good six weeks, of X3, to get us in better shape.  We did p90x together and stuck with it, till the end.  I saw major changes in Ray!  I was so proud of him!!  And that was one hour workouts, 6 days a week.  We also have a dvd player in our master now, which is big enough to workout in, so that too, will help us stick to it!  I will take a before and after and share our results.  I don't think I will weigh myself.  I will go by my progress pics and how my clothes fit.  No way am I going to be a slave to that evil thing, we call the scale.  I refer call it SATAN!

I am glad I have IG and a blog to share this with.  It will keep me in check!  I also have my lovely friend Terri to keep me in line, with my calorie logging, on MFP!  I am telling you, it helps to go through this with others.  We can support and motivate!! 

Here are a few pics from our weekend!  I love this time of year when it is cold and you get to stay home and snuggle with the ones you love!  My mom and dad get here in a few hours too!  I AM SO EXCITED!!!  I even have wine waiting for my dad and chocolate for my mama! :)

Nothing like cinnamon rolls that mommy made and a Christmas movie. :)

Finally got all the lights on the outside.  I love how my house feels so cozy now.

Me holding up Liv as she skates with the hockey players.  Drew is about to fall, in the background.  They are definitely my

They had SUCH a great time and their friend's b-day party.  They can't wait to go back and skate again.

So we bought Ray a new flannel and some pj pants.  He proceeds to wear them together.  Umm....yep, he does not have the fashion sense the rest of us have!  Oh and Drew is in size 6 jammies, just a tad snug and short!  But they were happy, that is all that matters.

Happy Monday!!



  1. Good challenge!! You can do it!! Maybe I should too!! I look at treats right now and my pants get tighter!!

  2. Woohoo...look at you awesome girl. Maybe I can convince the hubs to do the same with me. Ha! We'll see. Have fun with the momma and dad!

  3. I totally should be on board with that challenge! I have been insane lately with the food, I really need to stop!! You got that girl!!

  4. You can do this :) Not that you need the extra motivation YOU ROCK! I am pretty lucky that I am fairly immune to the holiday food frenzy. I try and remember what something tasted like at my 400# former self and if I feel like it was worth it I may have some but to be honest nothing seems all that worth it anymore! So proud of you and I feel so lucky to be inspired by such a beautiful woman!

    1. You are so sweet!!! Thank you for such lovely words!! So glad I came across your blog and IG account!! You my friend, are the inspiration!! And a beautiful one! xo

  5. That's a challenge!! looking forward to reading along.