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Monday, June 3, 2013

Motivation Monday!

First off, I feel like a total ass...Wendy was so sweet and asked me link up, a while back, and I TOTALLY forgot!!  I think it's because I don't post on most Mondays.  BUT...I am going to start, gosh darn it!
So this weekend, something hit me like a ton of bricks.  I was sitting there logging my calories, on Saturday and I was eating healthy.  I was staying on track.  Why was this so shocking.  It's because I used to 100% throw my healthy eating out the window Friday-Sunday. this why I gained back some weight and hit a MAJOR plateau?!?!?!  Yep, sure is.  I mean how is that staying with my lifestyle change.  It's not.  To lose weight and keep it off, you have to treat every day, the same.  Instead of indulging a whole entire weekend,  just allow yourself what you want, when you crave it.  Just don't overindulge.  For example, when I want Doritos, I eat them.  But this time around, I measure them out.  You will be amazed at how filling and satisfying one serving of Doritos can be.  If you want ice cream, have it.  Just don't eat the entire carton.  I also drink a big glass of water, the moment I start to have some junk food cravings.  This helps fill the belly up!   Another thing I have been doing, is trying to find healthy alternatives, to the "bad" ones, I crave.  If you really think hard and get creative, you can find some pretty great alternatives.  Like if you want salty and sweet make some microwave popcorn and sprinkle a little cinnamon and sugar on it.  Do this right when you open the bag. It is YUMMY!  At first, these healthy alternatives might seem boring, but I promise you, your taste buds will adapt!
I have decided that in the moth of June, I am eating clean at least 5 days a week!  I went to the grocery store last night and stocked up!  I ate clean 5 days last week and ate less than I usually do.  I never really felt hungry and my workouts were great.  I mean I really pushed myself.  I tried a new tabata workout on Friday and my inner thighs are STILL KILLING ME!  I still don't know what moves caused this pain, but I am loving it.  I am also doing a combo of 30-day Shred and Ripped in 30.  I am just mixing it all up.  I am not following it, like you are supposed to.  One day might be week 3 Ripped and the next might be Shred, week one.  I think this will help shock my system and keep me from getting bored.  On top of that I will throw in tabata and kickboxing.  I will take progress pics, so I can see the results. 
I have also started drinking strictly red wine.  I feel like I drink less of it and that one glass lasts longer.  Hell I can drink white wine, like it's Kool-Aid! :)  Plus there are more benefits to drinking red.  Like I have said before, I never drink more than one 4 ounce glass, during the week.  Unless....I have a GNO planned.  Which I do this Thursday and the restaurant has half price wine, that day.  Holla!!!
I hope everyone had a great weekend and that your Monday is a good one!!


  1. You are anything but an ass! Thank you for remembering to link up. You have been such an inspiration to me and I want to share your blog with everyone else.

  2. I LOVE me some wine! I don't drink often just because it makes me sleep crappy and I have trouble sleeping anyway...but love me some wine! lol

    You are such an inspiration! Thanks and keep up the awesome work!!!

  3. Hi Lori!

    How many calories do you eat (especially when you're eating clean)? I have the hardest time trying to get that number right. Love your blog!! :)