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Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Monday!!  Wait....can Happy and Monday be used in the same sentence???  Yes, darnit!  Because if you say you are going to be happy, then you better be!!  I am once again linking up for Motivation Monday!  Please go check out all of these amazing women. Especially Wendy!  LOVE HER!!   I know I can't wait to check them all out!
Today I thought I would touch on, how to make your food, fun!  I know how easy it can be at times, to get bored with the food you are eating.  I try very hard to MAKE it interesting.  Like today, I changed my usual overnight oats for some Kashi cereal with Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries.  OMG TO DIE FOR!!  Not only is it good for you, it took me forever to eat it.  It was nice and crunchy and so filling.  (I am just not one that can drink ANY of my meals).  I need to crunch and chew and feel like I am getting something out of my meals!  The cereal alone was loaded with fiber and protein.  And when you add in the protein from the Fage Greek Yogurt, it's a win win!  For lunch, I am going to have whole grain brown rice with some string beans and a chickpea burger.  I add some hot sauce and spicy mustard and mix it all up in a bowl.  I know it might sound GROSS, and even look gross, but it is so yummy!  I think the key to remaining successful n your journey, is to step outside the box.  Try new and interesting foods.  You might think they look and taste disgusting, just MIGHT be pleasantly surprised!  Like one day, I used spicy mustard for my baked fries, instead of ketchup and now I am hooked!  I used way too much ketchup and it's full of sugar.  I even use mustard on my sweet potato fries!  Don't think you always have to eat salad or chicken.   And don't think because a recipe calls for oil or butter, you HAVE to use it.  I always omit it and my food still tastes yummy.  Heck some nights I will have a 1/4 cup of cookie crisp cereal with some Fage Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries, as my snack.  I fool myself into thinking it is really a vanilla sundae with chocolate chips and strawberries.  So far, it is working!

 This is truly the best time of year when you can get any veggie or fruit, fresh, and at a decent price!  So hit those farmer's markets or even your local grocery store.  Watermelon is my favorite!!!  It fills me up and makes me pee, a ton! :-)  Don't forget all of the other yummy melons available right now as well.  I also stock up on cherries and other berries.  I know produce can add up, price wise, but if you look at the big picture, it is SO worth it!  Plus when you eat clean, you get to eat less and fill full! :) 

This weekend we spent a lot of time around the pool and I was a good girl.  I only had 4 beers all weekend and they were Becks Premium, with only 64 calories.  I squeeze some lime in mine and add a tiny bit of salt.  YUMMY!  For snacks, I refrained. a first for me.  I just didn't need them.  Why you ask...I had a nice healthy/clean breakfast and lunch.  I was too full to eat!  And you all know how much I love wine....I didn't have a single drop, ALL weekend!  I even have a bottle chilling in the fridge. Just had no desire.  OMG what is happening to wino Lori?!?!?
I am telling you, just making some slight changes to your diet, can really help kick things up a notch!  I am not a 100% clean eater, by any means.  But once you start to incorporate clean eating into your diet, other things just fall into place.   Just start with one meal a day and go from there!  You will be amazed at how much better you start to feel! :)


  1. Such great ideas! That fruit has my mouth watering. Thanks for linking up with us!


  2. Great ideas, Lori! New follower, from the MM blog hop. Will be interesting to keep up with your posts now! Have a great week!

  3. You KNOW I LOVE these ideas!!!! SO GREAT!!! I saw what you were drinking on Instagram and did not know they were only 64 cals... CRAZY GOOD!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! My husband drinks Becks beer all the time! ;) I'll have to tell him to get the light from now on.

  5. Love your idea of hot sauce with spicy mustard. It sounds amazing and much better then ketchup! Great tips Lori!

  6. I'm with ya girl, the only calories I want to drink have an alcohol content! , HA!!! I want to chew and crunch my shiz!

  7. Love your face off lady... Thanks for the great food tips. I need all the help I can get. I may or may not have drank a bottle of wine this really I had a glass for you!! xoxo

  8. You are so awesome, Lori! :) Love your instagram & blog posts! You are such a sweetie! Thanks for the inspiration! :)