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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I eat....

Happy Hump Day, everyone!!  I just got back from the eye doctor!  I am happy to say, I still have 20/20 vision!  I just need a +1 reader, for days when my eyes are fatigued.  Not too bad for an old broad, like me!!  One thing she did say, I most likely sleep with my eyes slightly open.  Ummm...what????  Yep, apparently that is why my eyes get dry.  She could tell from some line in my eye.  If it gets too bad, she said I could tape my eyes  CREEPY!!!

SO.....I have been asked a few times, what I eat, and how I keep myself from binge eating.  Well I will touch on the binge eating, first.  Some of you may know, from my guest post  here over at Mamalaughlin, that I had an issue with bulimia. was at times, pretty bad.  So for me, keeping my eating in check, is VERY important. I cannot and will not ever go back to that way of living.

So what do I eat???  I eat a!  I really do.  I count calories via myfitnesspal, but I don't count carbs or fat or any of that stuff.  Funny thing, I feel the best I ever have, since doing this.  I guess at this point in my life, I know what to eat and what not to eat.  SO...this means I avoid high fat, high carb/sugary foods.  Not completely, I just eat them in moderation. Well I try to.  If you put a plain white sheet cake in front of me, I cannot lie, I will eat a TON!  To the point I want to puke.  Another food I just can't eat a few of, Doritos.  I have no idea why, I am not a big chip person.  But man....those things get me every time! 

Here are some things I eat during the week:

Bagel thins with all natural peanut butter. 
Egg whites with whole wheat toast and ham
Overnight oats....LOVE
Fage Greek yogurt, plain
Fresh fruit
Turkey taco meat, with brown rice
Baked sweet potatoes
Turkey burgers that I make myself.  I avoid any pre-made proteins.  They add secret crap to them!
Grilled chicken
Turkey meatloaf
Turkey tacos with homemade guacamole and some low carb tortillas that I toast up and use as chips.
Grilled pork chops
Grilled tilapia, salmon or mahi-mahi
Grilled shrimp
Edy's lite ice cream...I LOVE THEM ALL
Mock ice cream sandwiches with lite cool whip, pb2 and some no added sugar Hershey's syrup
Banana pancakes that I make with 1/2 banana and 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats, that I grind to a powder consistency, add some Almond Milk and cook like you would "normal" pancakes.  I serve min with a little peanut butter and sugar free syrup
Big ass salads!  I load up my organic greens with tons of veggies and make my own dressing with lite miracle whip, spicy mustard and vinegar.
String beans and edamame.  These are always on hand in the freezer

Here is a sample of my day:

Breakfast- is overnight oats and coffee with fat free half & half

Snack 35 calorie whole grain toast with pb2 or all natural peanut butter

lunch-big ass salad, grilled chicken breast with string beans and whole grain brown rice.  I add some spicy mustard to it, mix it all up in a bowl and eat!  It is so yummy, clean and filling!

Snack- watermelon or any other fresh fruit with a dollop of Fage Greek yogurt, plain.

Dinner- grilled salmon, roasted cauliflower and rice pilaf

Snack- 1/2 cup of Edy's lite ice cream in a cake cone

There you have it, I eat all day long and never feel deprived!  If I have some extra calories to use, I will have some wine or a beer.  OR...throw in another healthy snack like some popcorn.

To prevent myself from binge eating, I pick one day a week, to not count calories.  Which usually consists of eating as I normally do for breakfast and lunch and letting dinner, be my cheat meal.  This is usually Mexican night on Friday's.  I will not count out my chips or measure the queso, I just sit back and enjoy!  I also have an ice cream cone and don't measure it out.  I can't go to overboard, because if I do, I end up like a bloated PIG!  I get all miserable and look like I am six months pregnant with a food baby.  I HATE that feeling.  I have noticed that eating clean has taken care of cravings for "bad" foods and I have not had a caffeine free diet coke in 2 weeks!  I am just so full, that I don't need any special treats. 

I have 2 babies that look up to me and one is a little girl.  I DO NOT want her to ever go through what I did.  I want her to have a healthy body image.  I have to set an example for my kids.  They know how important a healthy diet and exercise are.  They work out with me some nights.  They love to do crunches and push ups!  They want to outdo mommy.  Drew loves to do bicep curls too. 
And....they are always outside if it is nice.  We play soccer, baseball, ride bikes, swim, climb trees, fish,



play tag and Frisbee.  They don't even know they are exercising, to them it is fun and a way of life.  I want us all to live A LONG LONG TIME!!!! :)



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  2. i love this! thanks for motivation to stay fit!

  3. i love this! thanks for motivation to stay fit!

  4. Stealing that saying at the end. Love it. Your my idol.

  5. I just adore you Lori - I love that you are honest and upbeat. We have kids - we can't starve - but we will stay fit and keep at it... True motivation girl - you are it!

    1. Awww...thanks, Mel!! I feel the exact same way about you!! xoxo

  6. I like that you have me day where you don't count calories!! I think once I drop my weight, that may be a great idea for me to stick to a good eating plan!! Thanks for all the delicious ideas Lori!

  7. Thanks Lori, I really enjoyed reading this. I am so glad I asked on IG. Keep it up you are amazing.

  8. Thank you, Lori. You continue to inspire me!

  9. I Just love ya girl and your babies! You truly inspire me and am so thankful you shared your blog with me. I haven't done so well the past few months and now am paying for it. I feel MISERABLE and very angry with myself! Love ya, Jaime

    1. I LOVE YOU JAIME!!! Don't worry, you WILL get back on track. Girl, I have fallen many a times! We need to get together SOON!! xoxo

  10. I love your outlook on eating with your kids. As long as they are used to healthy stuff, it is so much easier for them to make good choices!

  11. That quote is from Sharee at Funeral For My Fat - !!

    1. That image was from a google search back in February. I've never even heard of that blog. You can buy tshirts and other items with the quote as well. Heck it's even an e-card. That isn't my chalkboard with my quote. I

    2. No offense meant, sorry :)

      That blog has been around for over a year, and she has t-shirts available for sale,

  12. I SUPER LOVE these ideas Lori... I needed some rotation in the "Stuffing My Face" department and these a great!

    Keep Motivating!

  13. I found your story on Huffington Post. Thanks for sharing with the world. I am also 41 as tall 5'10" and battling the bulge since forever. You inspire me!! I am very active but stuck! After reading some of your blogs, I need to switch my exercise routines. I snack way too much because of boredom, trying to stay awake and/or stress. I started LOSE IT (calorie counter app) in February and only lost 14 lbs (down from 203). I just had surgery last week and have some recovery time before I can get back on track. At any rate, thanks for sharing your highs, lows and tips!

    1. Hi Lynda!!

      You are so sweet! Thank you! I hope that your recovery goes smoothly! Switching things up, helps SO much with the boredom. That is why I am not a runner, I get bored to Snacking used to be a major issue for me. BUT...eating clean, or as clean as I can, helps keep me fuller longer. It also really helps with the cravings for sweet things.
      Thank you again for stopping by and commenting! Made my day! :)

  14. Thank you for sharing this with us! (I have that same chalk board vinyl in my kitchen!) ;)