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Friday, May 31, 2013

I have never...

1. Met an ice cream I don't like.  I can eat that stuff even when it is 50 below zero. This drives my husband nuts!!  We ask him to get us Mc Donald's or Baskin Robbins at least 2-3 times a week. time, he said no.  This was when the Illini were in the championship game.  It was my due date with Drew and we were driving home.  As we were approaching BR, I asked him to stop.  That butthole told me no, the Illini were about to start.  Ummm....WHAT?!?!?!  He proceeded to tell me I had to wait, because this was the first time he was seeing The Illini in the championship game.  Well I told his basketball loving ass that this was the first time I was about to give birth.  Needless to say, I had to wait on getting the ice cream.  In return I made him sleep downstairs on the couch with me, in case Drew decided to pop out!  I am happy to say, he popped out the next evening after I shopped through MANY painful contractions.  I thought my labor and delivery nurse of a mom, was never going to tell me I was ready.  She just kept making me walk and shop.  Finally I took a Jacuzzi and she felt my belly and said, "yep, you can't talk and your belly is rock hard, you are ready to go.  2 hours later, my little man arrived!

2. Met a margarita I wouldn't drink.  Especially the watermelon kind.  I have been known to drink an entire bottle by the pool. Don't judge me people, it was just that good.  My favorite tequila or to kill ya, as I like to call it, is herradura silver.  SO SMOOTH!

3. Met an item at J Crew Factory that I didn't like.  Yep, I am officially an addict!  I just can't pass up their classic styles and amazing sales.  I try and buy items that are classic and will remain in style for years to come.  I MIGHT have placed a large order on Memorial Day...might. ;)

4. Met a beach I couldn't spend hours at. When I vacation, I rest and relax, no sightseeing for this chick.  To me, that is work!  In fact my final resting place will be St. Pete Beach.  This is where my family has vacationed for years.  It holds some of my fondest memories.  I now take my kids there.  I will be cremated and my ashes will become one with the gulf.  Same with my daddy.  Then instead of my kids having to visit a cemetery they can go visit me at the beach.  Of course they must drink wine, in my honor!

5. Read a Mary Higgins Clark book that I didn't love.  She is my favorite author! I started this love of her, thanks to my grandma and mom.  We passed books around.  When we are done, we write our initials in the book.  This means a lot to me because I lost my grandma a year ago yesterday.  So I can see her beautiful hand writing anytime I open a book.  It's the little things....

6.  Spent time with my sisters where I didn't have the time of my life.  We may have had some moments of fighting but when I am with them, life is so good.  We all laugh the same and walk the same.  Well my little sis and I shake our butts a little more.  This is according to my dad!  And now, our daughters have the same butt shake!  We bring out the silly in each other.  And we get each other to do stupid stuff.  Like one time at a pretty nice restaurant, we got my little sis to lick her chocolate cake, plate clean ( she was in her 20's). It was priceless! 

7.  Been on FB when I didn't want to jump through the screen and smack someone!! OMG why do people air their dirty laundry on there.  And then the ABSOLUTE worst is when a couple facebook each other, while they are next to each other, in bed!  Now come on!!! Is that really necessary?!?!?!  Yes, I have friends that do this....shoot me.

8.  Gone to Target and walked out with only what I came for.  NOPE, just can't do it.  I end up buying all kinds of stuff from shoes to thongs, to cleaning supplies.  And I went in there for a kids b-day present.  Target just speaks to me and tells me I need all that shit!

9.  Been a fan of PDA.  I just get all uncomfortable and embarrassed.  I mean holding hands and a peck here and there, is ok.  BUT....when tongue comes out and butts get grabbed, I run!!!  I saw so much of this when I lived in NYC.  Just more free there, I guess.  I don't even like watching people make out on tv.  So you know this means I cannot and will not watch porn.  I act like a 3 year old child and giggle and get all silly.  SO NOT SEXY!

10. Gone a day without telling my babies how very much I love them.  I also don't end any conversation with my sisters, parents or Ray, without telling them, I love them.  No matter what, I tell them. I don't care if I am pissed as hell!   I might not get another chance, so I live in the moment.  Those 3 words aren't said enough, If you ask me...

Well that's about all for this go around!  I hope you all have an AMAZING weekend!  Drink a margarita or two, tell someone you love them AND..... go to Target and stimulate the economy! :)














  1. 1,2,4,5,6,7,10...YES YES and YES!!!

  2. Every day I love you a little more...

  3. I can pass on the ice cream, but a margarita does sound good. Or just pass the tekillya w/hot sauce & lemon and I'm fine. Pair it with a Mary Higgins Clark mystery on the beach and I'm a happy lady! Those are some of my favorite things. MHC is my favorite author also!!!! I would read one of her books every two weeks (before I had kids). Bought Daddy's Little Girl for my husband when our girls were born. (really for me, but hey, it counts)

  4. FUN! FUN! FUN! Post!!! I was made to drink margaritas on the beach! I pretty sure that's why God made me a Texan! I have NO WORDS for Target... It's the DEVIL!

    Seriously... Super FuN and Super SWeeT post!

  5. "That butthole told me no" - laughed out loud! Love how you are so real and down to earth =) I would love to have margarita's, on the beach with you any day!! =)

  6. I pretty much am right there with you on every thing, but 7 is soooo true! Drives me insane. And let's just say a little prayer my husband never sees my target bill. He may stage an intervention.

  7. I have never not enjoyed one of your posts...and instagram, lets be real :)

  8. You should have your own book in the bible, because I agree with absolutely everything in this post. =)

  9. I agree. Those 3 words aren't said enough. :)
    Have a great weekend too!

  10. My sisters and I always have fun together, but unfortunately we do not get together often enough. And I totally agree about Target! What is it about that store that is so enticing?

    Your kids are just precious!

  11. TARGET!!! Ugh gets me every time and my wallet. DARN YOU TARGET!! I can easily pass up a margarita, but put a budlight, Coors light, bush light, or Miller light in front of me and I will be your best friend for life!! This girl loves her beer. I have never been to the beach wompwomp. I will get there one day. Why can't KS be located on the coast. HAHAHA.

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