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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vaction Link Up!

I LOVE vacations, no matter when or where, so I had to join this link up! 
One of the most recent vacations I took, was to Florida, in December, to surprise my baby sis!  My brother-in-law sent my older sister and I a text, asking if we had some free time to come visit.  My response was umm....HELL YES!!!
The reason for this lovely sisters trip....he just wanted to do something nice for his wife.  Which I thought was very sweet!  So we confirmed the dates that would work for us, and John got the tickets.  When I went to look at my confirmation, my lovely brother-in-law booked my old ass a wheel chair.  Isn't he sweat!!!! I thought it was funny, actually.  I am happy to report, I was able to avoid it, at the airport.  :)
We left Peoria at around 5:30 and John met us in Punta Gorda around 9ish.  He told Julie he had a "business" dinner.  When we arrived at the house, John went in first.  Sherry and I stayed in the car and made a video.  Yes, that is what we do!  About 2-3 minutes later, we sauntered in, like we owned the place!! If Julie would have had a gun, she would have shot us!  I think we scared the shit out of her!  The look on her face was priceless.  After we scarfed down some Mc Donald's, we proceeded to drink a TON of wine and hang by the pool! I think we finally made it to bed around 2 am, I think!  We were up bright and early the next day.  We decided to hit the outlet mall and do some damage.  I might have purchased some items at J Crew Factory and Kate Spade...MIGHT! ;) After shopping, it was once again time for wine!  So we hit up this amazing little Italian restaurant for pizza and wine.  When we got back to Jul's house, it was time to chill by the pool and have more wine!  Oh and John had to fix my damn shoe!  It broke right as we were leaving the mall.  Classy, I know! 

That night John got an overnight sitter for the kids and we hit the town!  On this evening, I drank wine, beer and had my very first gin and tonic.  Oh good lawd, we got tipsy!  But man did we have fun!!!  Too much, maybe????
We are eating a gigantic BURNT caramel popcorn ball. Oh and we got in trouble for video taping each!  I guess the bright light was blinding poor John!

Don't ask.... ;)

WAY too many drinks at this point!
Yes, we are all drinking a PITCHER of beer!

Me and my gin and juice! ;)

The next day it was time for even more shopping, but this time, we went to St. Armand's Circle!  I just love it there!  Everything was decorated for Christmas, so it was beautiful.  We hit all the boutiques and had lunch and a beautiful outdoor restaurant.  And guess what, we had more wine!! After lunch we shopped some more and stopped for dessert.  Which consisted of this:

                                                        Yep, that is how we sisters roll!!

On our way back to Jul's house, we stopped to see how are parents house was coming along.  It was coming along nicely!  We decided that since we were there, we might as well take a the shower, of all places!!


Then it was time to rest up for another night on the town.  This time, it was going to have to be a bit more low key.  Low key as in margaritas!  Yeah, I know what you are thinking, Lori is a lush!  I am, but just on kid free vacations! :)  After dinner and drinks we decided to hit Publix and the liquor store.  I mean it's not like all we had been doing is eating and drinking!  We got a bunch of fattening shit and some cake liquor and pineapple juice and headed home.  I think we all lasted about an hour.  All of our partying was catching up with us. 

The next day, my parents arrived.  It was a low key day, by the pool.  That night we went with our parents to Crabby Bill's in St. Pete and had a nice dinner and of course, some MORE WINE!  We have been going to Crabby Bill's since Julie was knee high to a grasshopper! Oh and at this point in the trip, Sherry and I were sporting some pretty obvious "food babies".  GOOD LORD!  We both looked about 6 months pregnant! Eeek!!!  I guess it was our bodies way of telling us, time to go home!  So we packed up and had ONE glass of wine, with our dad, by the fire pit.

 We flew home the next day, bright and early.  We were back in the Patch around 11, and I spent the day on the couch!  Well until I went to pick up my babies at school.  Boy did I miss them!

I am so thankful that I got to spend this time with my sisters.  I love them so much and they are both such amazing women!  I am also so thankful to John, for flying us out and treating us to lots of good food, great wine and even better memories!  I hope that we will make this an annual trip, where we are drinking our weight in wine and singing Christmas Carols, in a mini van! 

                                                           Lori the Lush










  1. Awesome! I love spending time with my sisters too. Man I miss them! :)

  2. Aww, what a great trip with your sisters! Thanks so much for linking up with Holly and I.

  3. You can take the girl out of Beecher City but you can't take the Beecher City outta the girl! :)

  4. I wish I had sisters!!!!! Sounds soooo fun!!

  5. Oh. We. Are. The. Same. Person. in different bodies. I bow to you!!!!

  6. Love this post...Lori the Lush needs a real life drink meeting with Alicia the Lush..aka Brew Mama...