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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rest days...

Ok so I have realized that I have an "issue" with taking rest days.  Well not so much that I don't want to, it's the whole mental thing that takes place.  I start back to my old mentality.  I start telling myself that if I don't work out, I am going to gain a gazillion pounds, on that rest day.  Even if I eat healthy.  I guess I thought I had conquered this.  I will come home and TRY and sit down and just kick back! But then I start to get antsy and my anxiety kicks in.  UGH....this just pisses me off!  Why can't I let that go????  Is this something that is burned into my brain, forever???? Will the day come that I can rest.... and not feel guilty about it? My husband describes my workout ethic as "hardcore".  Which is good and bad.  SO.....I am going to try VERY  hard to not feel guilty on my rest days.  I mean can you imagine if I got injured and COULDN'T workout.  Inured because I refused to let my body recoup!?!?!  Oh Lord, no one wants to be around me, if that happens.  So you are all hearing it first, this is yet another goal I am setting for myself!  I won't lie, I tried making today my rest day, but just couldn't do it.  I knew that I was getting my hair did tonight which means I will be having some wine. See my hair stylist is my very good friend.  As the color is baking on my head, we sit back and shoot the shit, with a glass or two, of wine.  Sorry, "shooting the shit"  is what my dad calls, "gossiping". :)  I'll keep you posted on how my next rest day goes.  I will try and shoot for tomorrow!

One more thing I want to touch on, is plateaus.  I just read this AMAZING paragraph from the Huffington Post.  I hope you ALL, take it to heart.....

Every plateau has a silver lining. At some point in your weight-loss journey, you will hit a plateau. It means you'll have to work even harder to continue to lose weight; even when you break through it, the loss may not continue at the same pace as before.
But consider the bright side: A true weight loss-plateau is your svelter new body's way of telling you this: "I'm so much smaller now that I need far less energy to keep my leaner self going." It also means you've mastered the dietary patterns required to maintain a slimmer new you. That's a major milestone worth recognizing and celebrating. Pause for a moment and enjoy the new skin you're in before setting off on the next leg of your journey!

I know I promised a post on my clean eating, that will come tomorrow.  Today's lunch is string beans with red pepper flakes, whole grain brown rice and some ground turkey with jalapeno mustard.  I packed cucumbers and cherry tomatoes along with watermelon, for my snacks today.  Dinner will be whole grain pasta, with fresh tomatoes and a veggie.  Most likely a green one!

Hope you are all having a great Thursday!



  1. Seriously?? We are like sisters from another mister!! I feel THE EXACT SAME WAY about rest days!! I literally have to force myself to not workout on Sundays and it about kills me! I always wonder the same thing: when will I ever get over that mind set? And then I think about not being able to work out because of an injury and it almost sends me into a panic...I cannot imagine that!

    And I'm not post today is all about plateaus. what are the chances??!!

    Love ya lady!!

  2. I have that same problem with rest days and HAVE hurt myself as a result. It's frustrating. After my injury, it made it a little bit easier to keep it in check. I still struggle to take a complete rest day, but I'm taking baby steps. I at least scale it way back. Maybe just a long walk or swim or something like that.

    I'm trying to get through a plateau right now, so thanks for sharing that quote!

  3. I can't wait for the clean eating post. I need some good suggestions.

  4. Ugh! I have an all in or all out attitude. Right now I'm so focused on training for my next race and following the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Challenge and I'm not giving myself rest days. I need to figure out what moderation looks like. Lol.

  5. It's nice to hear someone else say they don't abide by rest days. I believe that you can always do something. Yep, right there with you about thinking the days off will snowball if I don't workout. Having a knee injury right now has helped take a 2 day break bc our race in the Warrior Dash is Saturday and I want to be feeling good for it. Thanks Lori for posting to reassure us!