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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hey all!  I thought I would give you an update on "M".  I posted a little of this email, on IG.  But I wanted you all to see the rest.  I know all too well, what this sweet soul is going through.  I was not 600 pounds, but I was 265.  I was also married to someone that was completely embarrassed by me. He once told me this, "you know why I never take you anywhere, because you are so fucking fat and ugly".  Yep, he sure did!  This lovely human being also grabbed my thigh one night, so hard that he bruised me horribly.  Why did he do this....oh he was doing it to make me feel like shit.  He was grabbing my fat and showing it to me.  Like I didn't know it was there.   I won't lie, this totally took its toll on me.  It made me never smile or look anyone in the eye.  I heard it too many times, that I was disgusting, so I began to think I really was...  So when "M" reached out to me, I made it my goal, to get him on the right track.  I want him to believe in himself.  I want him to know he has a TRUE friend in me.  I BELIEVE IN HIM! This is what blogging is for me.  It's putting it all out there, in hopes of reaching at least one person, that is struggling.  I want them to see me as someone who battled their weight and won!  I also want them to know that I failed too many times to count.  But that is OK!!! As long as you keep getting back at it, you will eventually succeed.  I think it is so much easier to get inspiration from someone, "real".  Not from some model in a magazine. I need real people, like all my fellow bloggers and IG family, to keep me motivated!  I need before and after pics and selfies of  you guys post workout!  I want posts of healthy recipes, from real people, not from Chefs in a magazine.  YES.....THAT IS WHAT MOTIVATES ME, YOU GUYS!! 

Here is the email....

"Hello Lori I'm always glad to hear from you.  It's nice to talk to someome with a similar history.  I'm sorry to hear that you were in a abusive relationship and  that you had a hard time growing up.  I was married once. My weight was a big issue because I was physically limited.  As well as my eating habits.  Plus the fact that I put a lot more weight on while we were together.  Also she was embarrassed by my weight.  So my weight was the main reason why we got divorced.  Anyway It's great how you were able to turn your life around. To the wonderful life that you have now.  I did get a bunch of Jillian Michaels DVD'S . As well as some weights. So I am doing bicep curls and leg lifts in bed.  The moves on the dvd's are hard for me to do but I'm doing the best I can.  Just like with the walking I have to stop and rest.  Plus Ihave the pain in my back/joints and legs.  Although the walking is getting a little bit better. I am able to go  a longer before resting.  As far as my eating.  It's very hard trying to eat less.  I'm used to eating a certain amount because I really don't get a feeling of being full.  I have been drinking more water and having salads before my lunch and dinner.  As well as trying to eat more healthy food.  Also finding other things to do.  To take my mind off eating.  I'm always thinking about what I am going to eat next.  Food dose'nt judge you/criticize you or make fun of you.  It's just there to make you feel good.  No matter what mood you are in.  I'm also eating more grilled fish/grilled chicken and turkey.  Plus more vegetables like corn on the cob/green beans/spinach and broccoli and cheese/white rice. I've also try to eat some nuts. As well as using less butter.  I eat a lot of bread everyday more than half a loaf.  Between toast with my breakfast and my sandwiches.  Usually ham and cheese/roast beef/pastrami or peanut butter and jelly.  Also do you think I should get the wheelchair?  It means a lot to me.  All the help you are giving me.  I'm open to all suggestions that you give me".

To say I am proud of "M" would be a total understatement!  I am beyond proud of him! 



  1. The little changes he is making will go a long way. I'm still rooting for M!!

  2. So I started crying when I read this. #1 because I'm so proud of this person for trying. #2-I'm so proud of you for helping. Some people don't get it. They think that its easy this whole weight thing, but those of us that have been there and battled for every single pound lost we get it. We get that every day is a struggle an uphill battle and we do this because the opposite is something we can't live with anymore. I'm grateful for people like you that are willing to share their story and show that it can be done.

  3. That is so amazing that you are able to help someone like this who reached out to you in a time of need. It sounds like he is doing well. It is all about those little changes that add up to a big change. Thank you for posting this!

  4. I'm having a hard time not crying for M. How brave of him to lay it out there. It is amazing for him to take these first steps and for you to help him on his way. Keep up the great work, both M and you!

  5. Please let him know there is a whole community behind him. We've all been somewhere on the spectrum! I almost cried when I read about your husband. What an ass. I am glad you are no longer in that abusive situation. No one should ever have to listen to such shit.

  6. Hey there! You haven't posted in awhile! Hope you are ok!!!