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Monday, July 29, 2013

Motivation Monday

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It's Monday....ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!  I just wish I didn't have to work on Monday. And I wish Ray didn't either and that the kids didn't have school.  I wish Monday could be "stay home and snuggle with the ones you love" day. 
Any who, I am linking up once again, with some amazing women!  If you haven't already, go check them all out!
Today I thought I would tell you the top ten things that keep me motivated.  Be prepared, some are pretty vain.  But hey, if it keeps me going, then so be it!
1. My amazing children.  I want to be on this earth with them for as long as I can.  Even though, it cuts into my "play time" with them, they understand why mommy MUST work out.
2.  Being able to wear ALL of the clothes in my closet.  This is huge for me.  It's the first time I can say that.
3. Old clothes that used to be tight, that are now fitting like a glove or are too big.  This happened over the weekend, when I could get into my "Vegas dress" and actually feel great in it. Vain, yes, I know.  BUT...for a girl who used to cringe at her image in the mirror, this is big.
4. Seeing my hard work pay off.  In the past few weeks, I have seen it in my legs, the most.  I still have that DAMN loose skin, but I now see some pretty shapely muscles shining through.
5.  IG and bloggers that I follow.  I cannot tell you how many times I have not wanted to workout, until I checked my phone.  I see all these amazing women with super busy lives, giving it there all. pushes me, to go get my sweat on.  Thank you ALL, for that!
6.  My smile.  Yes, this seems a bit weird, I know.  BUT...for the first time in YEARS, I am actually showing my real smile.  It is no longer forced.  And it is NOT because I think I am pretty.  That I doubt I will every truly feel.  This natural smile comes from living my life.  I am 100% happy.  I don't care that I am not rich, or the thinnest, or that I have stretch marks and saggy tits.  All I care about is that I  give each day, my all.  I have learned to take the good with the bad.  I truly am stopping to smell the roses...
7. Emails and comments, from those that follow me.  You all have NO idea how much it means to me, when people take the time to reach out.  Especially those super sweet comments, that I am inspiring them.  That means the WORLD to me!  These sweet words keep me going.  They motivate me to keep my health and fitness in check, because people are looking to me, for motivation as well!
8.  The way that my hubby and I communicate now.  A few years ago, I was one unhappy/miserable BIOTCH.  Just ask  It was because I was not working out, watching what I ate and allowing my whole self worth, to be based on that effing #, on the scale.  Now I feel like a young couple in love.  I have so much fun with my hubby and miss him, so much when we are apart.  And I truly feel loved, by him.  This did NOT come from me, losing weight.  It has been 100% mental.  Ray has loved me at any weight.  What he loves so much about me now, I roll with the punches. I am NOT obsessed with what I eat and what I weigh...yay!!! Oh and he LOVES that I am no longer cutting myself down.  This used to happen on a daily basis.  I cannot and will not ever do that again, I have a daughter that looks up to me.  So.....knowing that living a healthy lifestyle keeps me sane, a better wife and mom, motivates me to keep on truckin!
9. The ability to go out, eat what I want, and not care nearly as much as I used to, about gaining a gazillion pounds, over night.  This shows me that I really am OK and that I know how to eat and workout, to maintain.  HUGE for me!!!  It keeps me motivated because of this,  I "know", how to eat and workout to maintain, even when I have days or weeks, that I might fall of the wagon!  Still working on the whole rest day thing though...
10.  I look and FEEL better at 41, than I EVER thought possible.  Yes, I know that I am being vain, once again.  But so many people tell women, that once they  hit 30, it is all downhill from there.  NOT TRUE!!!  You can achieve anything you want, through hard work and dedication.  NO matter how young or old you are.  Just seeing how far I have come in 6 months, motivates me, to see just how much farther I can go.  Hell, maybe one day I will wear short shorts.  Ummm.....THAT'S NEVER GONNA HAPPEN...EVER!!!!!!! :)


  1. I love your list of motivators! You've worked hard, you deserve to feel great and talk about it all you want! :) Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. That's a great list Lori!
    Even though most of the healthy living blogs I read are from people half my age, its so nice to read one from someone of my generation (I'm 42.) You definately motivate me!


  3. Oh my goodness! Stay at home and snuggle with the ones you love day!!! Let's get this established! PLEASE!

  4. None of that sounds vain to me. You've worked hard for your results so it's not vain to appreciate the fruits of your labor. Yay for being able to fit into all of the clothes in your closet. I always joked that my closet looked like a store because I had clothes in all sizes. I'm excited that more and more of my wardrobe is accessable to me now with my weight loss.
    Thank you for sharing your accomplishements and for linking up with us today.

  5. I agree, none of that sounds vain. And you are a true inspiration.
    I look forward to your posts. Here, FB, Insta...all of them! :)

  6. Ok, not a single thing about this post is vain...They are truly motivators for me, too!! If you call doing things to better your health for yourself and your FAMILY vain, then...shoot...I think we all need to be more vain! haha! :)

  7. You are one of my top ten motivators! Love your blog:)

  8. Your motivators are so fantastic! You are being a healthy mother is who setting a great example for your children. That not vain, that's smart.

  9. Love all of these but especially the one about wearing all the clothes in your closet! I am looking forward to that!

  10. You inspire me. Thanks for being real and sharing bits of your life with others. Beth