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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Proof is in the pudding...

When I first started following health and fitness related girls on IG, I saw a lot were eating clean.  I was like, wtf is eating clean?!?!?!  I mean, does it really make you look and feel better.  Is it going to bloat me like a pig???  Will I get all gassy and stink up the house???  I mean it is eating a lot of veggies and fiber!  So I first gave it a try when I did the Advocare Cleans.  Ummm...yeah, I did get all bloated, stunk up the house AND couldn't go #2!  TMI???? Yes, I know it is!  Sorry but I am just being real.  SO....that kind of threw me for a loop.  Was I going to feel like this all the time???  I stopped the cleanse.  I just couldn't handle the icky feeling of being bloated and so gassy! BUT....I wasn't willing to throw in the towel just yet!  I decided to just eat clean 5 days a week and see how I felt.  Surprisingly I felt amazing.  The bloat went away and I was full ALL THE TIME!  I even stopped drinking soda!  This is pretty huge for me.  I used to have one every afternoon, as a little snack or when I ate pizza or popcorn.  Not anymore!  Only time I have had one, is when we go to the movies.  Oh and I did have one at Chick-fil-A.  But I don't miss it at all.  Eating clean has also helped me with my sweet tooth.  This girl LOVES sour candy.  I mean if I could marry it, yeah I  Didn't your sibling ever say that to you when you were little????  I would say, " I love macaroni" and my sis would say, "then why don't you marry it"???  So yeah, that is how much I LOVE sour candy.  Haven't missed it a bit!  At my mom's I had maybe 2 twizzlers and a handful of starbursts.  That is new for me.  I used to eat a shit ton!  Eating clean has also helped me drink less wine.  Now let me clarify, when I drink, it is just a glass.  UNLESS, I am out without the kiddos or with my sisters!  Then I will have 2.  Now I don't even think about it.  Again...this is pretty huge!  I mean how can eating a certain way, do that?!?!?!  It's because I am cutting out all those nasty preservatives.  Those little evil things are what make you crave crap.  Yep, crap makes you crave crap.  Clean eating makes you crave clean eating.  I won't lie I was a HUGE skeptic!   But the proof is in the pudding! 

The other big change, I noticed, is my body.  When I was on vacation, my muscles and abs, were a little lack luster.  Yep, I was adding back in some crap, to my diet.  I took a pic of me and Liv in our suits and I look "bloated".  No ab definition at all, really.  But as soon as I got home and started back at it, I shit you not, the definition was back.  It's like a detoxed it out of me! You can see the comparison here:
Before vacation...abs are there!
The left pic is early morning, the right is after I drank a ton of water and had a "clean" lunch.  Not much of a change, but definitely a little more definition
Abs are back, just after eating clean for 2 days!  And I swear, those preservatives make my cellulite appear more.  Like in this pic, I look less
And no, I don't use makeup to draw in my abs....I SWEAR!!!!!  It is simply from eating clean, only drinking water and working out.
Last night started my new challenge!  I am pretty sore today!  BUT....I love that feeling!  It shows me that I worked hard.  I am excited to see the changes, come 29 days from now! Tomorrow I will post about some of my favorite "clean" meals.
Happy Hump Day!!


  1. Lori, I am so glad that you are back!! I need your motivation to eat better, clean meals!! And you are so right, the proof is definitely in the pudding! You pics say it all!! Way to go, lady!! :)

  2. Will you please come cook for me! Or just meal prep? xoxo

  3. I just started eating clean...verrry clean. I am only on my 3rd day, so I am still experiencing headaches and cravings. I am looking forward to when that passes, because I know it will be much easier then. The up side is that I have not been at all disappointed in the foods i am eating. I am eating delicious, clean food.

  4. I too have been completely in love with clean eating. I am amazed at what it's done for my body, but also my mental clarity as well.

    I'm excited to see what you've been eating. I'm always looking for new ideas :)

  5. You are a rock star!!!

    I can't even tell you how many times I have started to eat clean. I know my diet is horrible... I know it is.. Do you mind telling me of what a typical day like in food looks like for you?

  6. I can't wait to read your favorite clean meals! You look great and you can totally tell a difference between the 3 pictures!

  7. I need to start clean eating! What are your fav go to meals?

  8. I definitely need to start eating clean cause I workout and cardio galore but yet my tummy isn't getting defined but I eat junk and enjoy my wine and beer. So any tips on getting started?! Taking that plunge on what is clean and what is "dirty" lol

    Ps love reading your blog and following you on Instagram you one of the only fitness pages I follow who actually resounds to me!!

  9. You're looking marvelous! And love those matching swimming suits!

  10. Ok, I'm with Darci...I need you to meal prep for me too. You look amazing.