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Friday, July 26, 2013

How I eat "clean"

I want to start by saying, this is how I eat clean.  By no means am I am 100% clean.  BUT...I try and eat as clean as I can and do what works for me.  I think the hardest part about eating clean, is all the prep that involved.  I will come home for lunch and some days, it takes me a good 30 minutes to get my meal cooked and packed to bring back to work.  I take lunch from 12-1 and that is just too early for me to eat, so I eat at my desk, about an hour later.  So on days that I workout on my lunch hour, it has to be a shorter workout, like tabata, I can prep and get back on time.  Luckily, I live 3-4 minutes from my office.  :)

Here are ten things I try and use as a guide, to clean eating.  Before really diving in, I did some research.  Because like I said, I really had no idea what "clean eating" was, until IG. 

1. Limit alcohol.  This becomes super easy once you really start eating clean.  You just don't crave it or even think about it.  The other night I poured myself a glass and get this.... I couldn't finish it!!!  Those of you that know me, know this is quite

2. Limit sugar.  One easy way to do this, cut out all FAT FREE crap!  It is LOADED with hidden sugars.  Even the light stuff is.  SO....go for the full fat version.  It will fill you up, and fill you up much longer.  One thing I do now is make my own salad dressing.  I take some balsamic vinegar, spicy mustard and olive oil.  SO YUMMY!

3. Limit salt. Sodium will bloat you and just make you fill ick!  One thing I have tried to do, to limit my sodium intake is avoid pre-packaged and canned food.  To make those items have a long shelf life, they add bad crap to them!  So try and buy fresh or frozen.  If you do buy canned, throw it in a colander and wash it, before using.  This will get rid of some of that icky stuff.

4. Try and limit saturated fat. This one is hard if you  like butter and whole fat cheeses.  I try and buy the 2% skim cheeses and I don't use butter.  Unless I am baking.  Try and look for healthier unsaturated fats, from plant foods like nuts, avocados and olive oil.

5. Avoid refined grains.  This is white rice, white flour, white bread, etc...  Look for WHOLE GRAIN.  Even if it says,  whole wheat, you want it to say whole grain as well.

6.  Try and limit processed food.  This is all your boxed meals and even the frozen "diet meals".  I know it's hard, because they are so convenient.  I still have them, if I am in a crunch.  But try and make your own, if you can.  And let me tell you, when you do, you will be amazed at how filling they are. little calories you need, to feel full.

7. Eat more fruits and veggies.  And what a better time to do this.  In the summer you can find all kinds of fresh veggies and fruits.  I makes sure that I always have fruit every single day and veggies.  Same with the kiddos!

8. Drink more water.  As of now, that is all I drink.  I try and drink a HUGE glass before each meal.  Helps fill up that belly! helps flush out all those toxins!

9. Drink green tea.  It has so many health benefits.  I have yet to really do this.  BUT...I am going to start.

10. Eat whole grains.  I cannot express this one enough.  This is how you can eat those carbs but not feel guilty!   I am telling you, whole grains will keep you satisfied much longer. 

So I took some pics of my clean eating staples.  Besides these items, I always have tons of ground turkey, skinless chicken breasts, a plethora of different types of fish and Fage Greek yogurt.  I get the plain 0% fat kind. 





    I chug this glass of water, every morning when I get up, first thing! It doesn't look huge, but it is. :)




Here is a typical day of eating for me...

Breakfast: Old fashioned oats with fresh strawberries.  I don't add any milk.  I just cook the oats and then add the berries in while it's still hot.  To sweeten, I use splenda.

Snack: whole grain toast with all natural peanut butter or PB2.

Lunch:  HUGE salad loaded with things like yellow peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower.  I also make my own dressing as I mentioned above.  Then about an hour later, I have a grilled protein with whole grain rice and string beans.  I season my protein with spicy jalapeno mustard.  It gives it flavor and it's "clean".  I throw it all in a bowl and eat it like you would stir fry.  It is not only super yummy, it is SO filling!

Snack: Watermelon or any other fresh fruit.  Some days I will add a 1/3 cup of Fage Greek Yogurt to it and about an 1/8th cup of oats.  YUMMY!

Dinner: Protein that is grilled, with either a red potato or a sweet potato that has been cut up and sprinkled with some Mrs. Dash and olive oil.  I then roast them at  450 for about 25 minutes.  I also dip them in my spicy mustard. :)  I also have a roasted veggie.  I LOVE roasted cauliflower, brussel sprouts or broccoli.  I am also a huge fan of mustard and collard greens.

Snack:  If I want one, it is usually my Kashi cereal dry or Greek Yogurt.  Oh and I am an ice cream fanatic!  SO....I keep Edy's lite on hand.  And yes, this is not clean, but like I said, I am not 100% clean.  At least I measure it out and never have more than a 1/2 cup!  I also love popcorn and look for the "healthiest" version I can have.  Of course this version makes Ray and the kids!

I hope this helps those wanting to know how I "eat clean".  This is not by the book, it's what works for me and has helped change my body.  I try and stick to it at least 5 days a week. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!



  1. Use some almond breeze and cinnamon to cook your oatmeal instead of water and you won't even need to sweeten it:)

    Thanks for the ideas!!

  2. I just love how real you keep your aren't 100% clean, but you are real aren't a robot. Thank you for giving me some new ideas for meals and snacks!! :)

  3. yes to all of these! i always discourage friends who are all "low fat, low carb" stuff because that stuff is processed to hell and it's unhealthy for you anyway.

    i also make my own dressing and i add some chopped fresh garlic with a tad of mustard..yummy!

  4. Thanks for sharing this!!! Definitely needed this for my clean journey!!

  5. I've been eating clean (for the most part!) for the past few months and the change in how I feel has been remarkable! Water is key for me - I put lemons and cucumbers in it and sometimes some mint too - yum!

  6. YES! I've been waiting for you to post this. ;) Thank you!!!

  7. I love this post.
    I made almond milk at home today.
    Iam in india and I cant find steel cut oats and loads of other stuff.
    But I do eat as healthy as I can.
    Thanks for your email.
    Take care