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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A little trick I use to stay motivated....

I get this question a lot, "How do you stay motivated"?  Well I am going to tell you, peeps!  I take pictures and try on clothes that used to be tight.  WHY????  Because when I try them on and they start fitting loose, it is like a MAJOR high for me.  It makes me want to go workout and eat even more healthy! So what happens when I try something on and it feels a bit snug????  It makes me get off my ass and go workout!  So this whole taking pics and trying on clothes thing, works!  Another MAJOR motivator for me is my IG family.  I cannot tell you how many times I have sat my lazy ass down on the couch because I just wasn't feeling the whole exercise thing.  So I decide to hop on IG and see what my girls are doing.  Low and behold, so many of you are posting about a workout or a fantastic outift, or a super healthy meal you had.  THIS gives me the motivation I need, to get up, put on my workout clothes and get to steppin!  It reminds me that little old me, might just motivate someone too! SO....I  go get my sweat on! I have also found that super cute workout clothes and bright colored sneakers help keep me motivated.  I want to look cute when I am sweating, not gonna lie.  I used to workout in baggy clothes but not anymore.  I have found that buying actual "workout gear" is way better.  And I get fitted stuff.  This shows off the work in progress.  Before I would hide behind a big ass t-shirt ad baggy pants.  Now it is fitted tanks and sports bras with low rise pants or shorts.  I am telling you, no matter what size you are, treat yourself for working so hard!!!  And this treat does NOT have to cost a lot of money.  I get 90% or my workot clothes at Old Navy.  Most times it is on clearance.  Get super bright colors too! This helps when you just aren't feeling it.
Another thing that has REALLY worked for me is logging my workouts in myfitnesspal, even before I do them.  WHY????  The guilt will get the best of you....LOL When I got to log on and input my food,  I see it staring at me saying, "YO LORI, YOU STILL NEED TO DO THIS"!!  I also put it on the calendar, on the fridge.  Nothing like being reminded that you have yet to workout, when going for a snack, in the fridge.  Seriously, use every little trick you can.  I DO! Another good one, put out your workout clothes and hang them somewhere you can see them, the moment you get home!  OR....if you workout in the AM, the moment you wake up. 

Oh and one more great little motivator, put your "old you" pic next to a "new you" pic.  Even if you have only lost 1 pound, DO IT!  Seeing just the smallest of changes, will keep you wanting to go for more.  Challenge yourself.  DON'T EVER focus on what you have yet to achieve.  ONLY focus on what you  have achieved!!!   Like....doing one more push up than you did yesterday or cutting out one snack from your regular menu.  How about when you wore that shirt you never thought you could wear. about when you walked around the house in your skivvies and thought, "damn I look pretty good".  Come on now, you know we all have done this!! :) No matter how big or small it is, give yourself credit for it!  The TRUE key to staying motivated, is keeping positive.  Don't get me wrong, I still bitch and vent, you have to! it to those that have your back and want to see you succeed.  Like the fabulous group you have on IG or in the blog world.  I will tell you this, you can always count on me to cheer you on and try and cheer you up.  I believe in EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!  If I didn't, I would be here...

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Great post and you look amazing in that bikini!!

  2. I NEEDED to read a post like this right now! My weight has not moved in over 2 months, which can be real discouraging. I recently decided to stop obsessing over the scale, but I was wondering how I was going to stay motivated. Reading this post definitely helped!

  3. Love this post! You look fabulous as always =)

  4. Thank god I found you on IG, you inspire me!

  5. You inspire me daily!

    And I have that same bikini top, just a different bottom:)


  6. OMG I want to be your body status... my problem is I have the cardio down but my strength training SUCKS! I need to focus on it more but it's hard to when I don't know where to start and have nobody doing it with me!

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