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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finish the Sentence Time...
Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much)....  -I am NOT naturally thin and cannot eat whatever I want.  Lucky biotches!!

My best friend says... - "I dare you"  which leads to me flashing my butt to some stranger or driving through the Hardees drive-thru, in reverse...

People call me... - a dork or goof ball...see above answer as to why they do this.

I most often dream... - about being on a beach where I am most happy

The best part of my day... - when I am with my babies.  No matter how tired or cranky I am from a long day at work, they ALWAYS make everything better.  (even when they are being turds). :)

I really don't understand... why there is SO much hate from women to women.  I just don't get it.  I think we all need to channel our inner dude and let that shit go!

I get really annoyed... when people don't use proper grammar.  Like when they say pitcher when they mean picture.  Drives me NUTS!

There's nothing like a... a nice glass of Savignon Blanc.  Come on did you really think I would put something other than wine.

Lately, I can't get enough... Oatmeal/banana pancakes.  I have a SERIOUS addiction to them.

One thing I am NOT is... graceful.  I fall on average, about 5 times a week.  I spill stuff, drop stuff and run into every wall, I come across!

I spent too much money on... clothes for Liv.  The child wears a uniform 5 days a week and goes to school, year round.  BUT....has the wardrobe of a true diva!  Yes, this must stop...but it won't. She IS her mother's daughter.  

I want to learn.... to play the piano. I gave it up and I NEVER should have. Damn my mom was right, once again...

If I ever met _________, If I ever met Jillian Michael's, I would... thank her for kicking my ass on a regular basis and I would also have to tell her she needs to shut the heck up!  Woman talks WAY too much during my sweat sessions!

I can't stop... watching Reality TV.  It makes me SO thankful I am a boring girl from the Midwest!

Never have I ever... Had a wing or rib.  They freak me out! Just can't do it.  The whole eating meat off of an animal's bone, is just too much for me to handle.  My daughter on the other hand, licks them clean!

Reese Witherspoon... is human.  I won't lie, if I got pulled over, I would try anything I could to keep from going to jail.  One time my sister and I were getting kicked out of a bar (that's a long story) and she looked at the bouncer and said, "hey I am a cop, you can't throw me out".  Umm...she is not a cop.  BUT...I loved her a little more that night, for trying to be!


  1. I can't stop watching reality TV and grammar is a huge thing for me too! We rock! ;)

  2. You know Jillian is coming to the Fox in St. Louis on Saturday night. Do you have tickets?

  3. OMG I am the same way with bones!! Grosses me out SOOOO much!! Ick!

  4. Loved all of your answers... Why does Liv go to school year round??

  5. Grammar nazi, right here! Oh, and if girls' clothes weren't so darn cute, maybe it would be easier to resist!