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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Summer Bucket List!  I figured why not link up!  I love me some summer!

1.  Finish the damn bathroom and kitchen floor remodeling!  It has only been a year!  Yep,  I have that husband.  The one that loves to start a project, finishing it, is a another story!

2. Get rid of more clothes.  I have way too much.  Lots that don't fit and lots I just don't need.  If anyone is interested in buying some designer jeans off of me, shoot me an email.  I have some size 28's I need to get rid of. :)  I am trying to simplify my wardrobe and life.  Nothing will cost more than $50!

3. Go on dates with my hubby, when the kiddos are in Florida.  I am talking movies, on a school night and dinner outside at a fun restaurant. Maybe a nice night on the porch sipping wine, talking about what a great wife I am.... ;)

4.  Day drinking with my sister, in Florida, when we go visit.  I want to reenact our day at St. Armand's Circle, that we had back in December.  We started shopping and drinking at 11 am! It was divine!!  We also had an afternoon snack of wine and pie....YUMMY!

5.  Spend as many days at the beach, as I can, when we are in Florida.  To say I LOVE the beach, is a major understatement. 

6. Grill out at least 3 nights a week.  This includes lots of seafood! 

7.  Run the Cardinal's Care 6K in STL, with my sis.  I am NOT a runner, but want to cross a race, off my bucket list.  This will be my first AND last race, I think....

8.  Drink wisely, when sitting by the pool.  This means no sugary margaritas and calorie filled beers.  I just hate ending the day feeling like a bloated pig. I want to stick to "skinny" drinks and my Beck's Premium Light. :)

9.  Take the kids to Six Flags and the local water park.  They are the perfect age for both!

10. Enjoy ever single second of the long summer days/nights! Life is too short not too.

Happy Thursday!!  Here is to everyone having a fabulous summer!!



  1. Sounds like a great list to me!

    I am also going to do the Stan Musial 6k this summer. I will probably be the last person to finish... No lie, but heck nothing sounds funner than doing the fat girl run for 6k in the hottest month of the year...

  2. Great list. I am going to learn how to grill this summer.

  3. Awesome goals! The Cardinals Care 6K sounds fun, I may sign up too!

  4. This list sounds absolutely fabulous!! You and I have so much in common, I might just come and spend my summer with you ;)

  5. Great list! Sounds like tons of fun

  6. Talk to me about unfinished projects! I can't even tell you how many things Jason has started, but hasn't finished. Grrrr.

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