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Friday, May 10, 2013

It doesn't get better than this...

I just got back from Mother's Day breakfast with my babies.  I swear if I could stay with them at school all day (like they begged me too, I would).  I think as the years go by, I realize, that my true purpose in life, was to be a mommy.  Don't get me wrong, there are days when I want to pull out my hair and chug wine, straight from the bottle!  BUT...that lasts all of maybe 2 minutes.  I am so close with my mama and want to always have that, with my kids. 

My Andrew James is the MOST amazing little boy.  He is not only sweet, he is loving and care free.  He has a tender heart and at times, wears it on his sleeve. Kinda like me. :)
 To me, he is perfect! He can't get enough mommy hugs and smooches.  And...he always tells me how pretty I am, who can hate that.   And... that I am the best mommy ever.  I cherish those hugs and kisses. When he gets in trouble, he is ALWAYS remorseful.  He always tells me he is sorry.  Which to me, shows me that Ray and I are doing something right.  When he gets in trouble at school, he is also in trouble at home.  We need for him to know that we back his teacher 100%.  Punishment is always a timeout in his room.  We tell him it is his time, to think about the behavior he was punished for.  When I look into his little blue eyes, I see such unconditional love.  He looks at me and his daddy, like we are the best parents ever!! But you know what, at 41, I still feel that way about my mom and dad.  They are AMAZING parents.  They never ever told me I couldn't do something and always loved me no matter what I had done, to disappoint them.  And Lord knows....I disappointed them.  But to my parents, as long as I learned something from the "not so good" that I did, then they knew they had done their job.  Even to this day, my mom and dad give me guidance and love me unconditionally, even when I am NOT so lovable!

On to my Olivia Iris.  Oh this sweet independent girl!  She is full of life, 24/7.  There is never a dull moment with her.  She is so wise beyond her years.  She loves everything girlie...make up, clothes, bling and purses.  Oh and she is only 6 and LOVES high heels! But at the same time, she can hit a baseball out of the backyard and climb trees, pick up bugs and roll around in the mud.  To me, she is just perfect!  Unlike her brother, she is not one to stop and smooch on you, just because.  She is too busy for that! When she is sick, is about the only time she is a snuggler.  But she is the one that loves to just hang out in my room and watch tv.  We do this  many nights.  She will fall asleep and I will carry her down to bed.  I cherish these moments.  Liv is my shopping partner.  She LOVES to shop at Old Navy  and Target.  Hmmmm...kind of like her mommy.  And Lord knows she loves to spend money.  But she knows, it has to be on sale, for mommy to buy it.  I never ever pay full price for anything.  Well except for groceries.  But even then, I buy generic when I can.  Liv is a true go getter.  No one can stop her from getting what she wants.  She is a total over achiever.  She does NOT get that from me...that comes from her daddy. :) 

If I was told to make a list of everything I wanted in my children,  it is all of the above things I mentioned.  I am so blessed to have the babies I do.  I still sit in awe of them.  I will watch them sleep and get such a warm feeling inside.  The love I have for those two precious babies grows every single day. 

You know growing up, I never thought I would have kids.  It just wasn't something that I HAD to do. Until I FINALLY  met the right man.  I think that makes a huge difference.  I saw in him all that I wanted in a daddy, for my babies.  And can we talk about the moment I met my babies for the first time.  TALK ABOUT BEING MADLY IN LOVE!!  I mean WOW, how could this be.  I was so in love with them. It is the kind of love, you just can't get enough of.  When I am away from my babies, I miss them terribly.  They are my world.  I hope they always know how loved they are.  Not a day has gone by in their little lives, that I haven't told them I love them, at least 15-20 times.  I don't care if I am madder than mad, they always know I love them.  Too many people in the world lack love. I think when you are surrounded by love, life is a bit easier.  I also try so hard to show my kids that they need to love themselves first.  Just the other day, Drew was getting so discouraged when he was learning to ride his bike.  And yes, he is 8 and is just learning.  See Drew has a very rare brain defect. He was born with C-ACC,  complete agenesis of the corpus callosum We didn't find out until he was 4 and it was found when he had a sever headache.  With this, it takes him longer to learn things.  Once he learns them though, he is good to go.  It just takes more time.  I just tell him, "God gave you a very special brain and you should be proud that God chose YOU, to have this".  So back to the bike riding.  I told him NEVER EVER doubt just what you are capable of.  I told him look, "had mommy not given up on battling her weight, she might not be here today, riding bikes.  I told him to always keep trying.  Say to yourself, " I CAN and WILL do this".  What do you know, 3 practice nights later and Drew is officially riding his bike, all by himself.!! But what was even more special during this time, Drew was SO happy and excited for sissy, even though she learned first.  He actually told her he was proud of her.  Another moment when as a mom I go, "I guess I really am doing alright with this parenting thing". :)

I also tell both my kids, to always always stand up for kids that are being bullied.  Be there for them, they will need someone on their side.  I also tell them to NEVER EVER call someone names.  I know they will, it is inevitable, BUT...that doesn't mean I won't stop telling them this.  Too much of this goes on because quite frankly it starts at home. 

As a mommy, I have a job...this job is to teach my children that they are individuals.  So just because Johnny did it, doesn't mean Drew and Liv should.  I always tell them, mommy and daddy will find  And believe me, they know.  As soon as I pick them up, first thing they tell me is how their day went.  We also have a policy that telling the truth will never get you in trouble, BUT...lying always will.

So on this mother's day weekend, I want to be with my babies.  I want to sit back and enjoy those 2 precious gifts that God gave me!! I don't need a spa treatment or time alone.  All I want is the loves of my life...Drew, Liv and Ray.  I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.  And if you are a mommy, Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Lori I want you to adopt me. You are the best Momma ever. Okay my Mom is pretty great too but seriously!

  2. You're such an amazing Mama. Your kids are so blessed to have you. Thanks for the reminder of what I should be teaching my children. :)
    Happy Mother's Day Lori!

  3. This was so sweet! Your kids are very lucky to have such a great momma!

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  6. What an incredible post that brought tears to my eyes! You are an amazing mother and your kids are so very blessed that He chose you to love them.

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  8. Lori this was such a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing. This is what Mother's Day is all about I agree. I am not a Mother yet but hope one day to be one.

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