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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Saying, "I can't have that", will make you want "that".

Happy Hump Day!! I still can't get over how hot it is!  I know it's August and all, but hello, the leaves are starting to fall, so that means fall is coming, right?!?!  I hope so!  I will take one last weekend of some fun in the sun, and then it's time to say good-bye to sundresses and tank tops.  I wan football, chili, sweaters and boots!

Today I want to touch on something that hit me, like a ton of bricks, last night.  I no longer say, "oh I can't eat that".  Yep, I allow myself, what I want (this actually happened when I ate some dark chocolate chips, followed by s few combos).  WHY???  Because when you say, "oh I can't have that", this makes you want it even more.  I realized last night that I have been living this way, since about January.  And what do you know, I have been in the best shape of my life, I haven't had the urge to purge, I never feel deprived and I am 100% content, with who I am.  Hmmm.... 

It's funny that this all hit me last night, because one of my favorite fitness girls, JillFit, did a post on it, this morning.  Her post is titled "How cheating more, will help you cheat less".  I knew I loved this girl for a reason.  She is SO right!  She mentions that the whole "black and white" thing, doesn't work with successful weight loss.  It only took me 40 years to truly get that one!  You cannot lose weight and keep it off, saying you can't have certain things.  Your "lifestyle change", MUST fit YOUR, specific needs.  For instance, I am an ice cream addict!  Yep, I MUST have it.  So I knew I had to keep this in my normal rotation of foods.  This is why I can NEVER eat 100% clean.  It's just not in my DNA!  I like stuff like, wine, ice cream, Doritos, that yummy cheese dip, you get at Mexican restaurants, egg rolls, sour candy....just to name a few.  But what I do now, is have that as a treat.  Like when we go to the movies, I don't think twice about eating popcorn, milk duds and chocolate covered raisins.  I mean it, no guilt at all!  I sit back, enjoy the movie and my treats.  I am now in the mindset that I can have bad stuff, and when I do, it doesn't mean the whole day is shot.  We usually go to the movies before noon, on the weekends.  It is way  So for breakfast, I will have my oatmeal pancakes and some form of protein.  Then when we get home have lunch, I eat clean, as well. And that night, if I want wine, it's ok.  I just make sure, my dinner is healthy and "clean".  And I don't gain weight or eat this stuff and go, "OMG I am such a cow".   But boy I sure did, a year ago. 

I am in a pretty predictable eating routine now.  SO....I know to "plan ahead" for my so-called "bad" foods.  Like I know we eat out more on the weekends, so I make adjustments during the week, for this. Or if I have a GNO during the week, I plan ahead for certain workouts that will burn more and I eat more strict.  Then when I got to "half price bottles of wine", night, I don't feel an ounce of guilt. 

Planning a head is HUGE, in weight loss.  As is allowing yourself what you are craving.  When you are craving chips, measure them out and stick to the serving size.  You will be amazed that this is enough, to satisfy your craving.  AND...once you have it, you won't feel the need to binge.  It's these little things, that keep you on the right track.  I think this is why Weight Watchers is so successful, for so many people.  You get to eat what you want, based on your points.  I have many friends that have been super successful at this.  Like they save up points for nights out of Mexican food and wine.  So it's kind of like how I live my life.  I plan ahead accordingly, for what I might eat.  I do this with my workouts as well.  On days I haven't eaten as much as I should, my workouts are lighter.  And then when I eat more, I workout more.  BUT...I always balance it out, to make sure I am eating enough.  Don't ever want to slip below what my body  needs.

One thing that has REALLY helped me not feel deprived, is making some "bad" food, good!  If you want a burger and fries...take a red potato and a sweet potato, cut them up into cubes, add some olive oil, a little garlic powder and red pepper flakes, roast @ 450 for about 20 minutes.  Then take some 99% lean turkey, spice it up with hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce and broil. This is one of my FAVORITE meals!  Who needs McDonald's anyway!!   Oh and I replaced my ketchup addiction with many different flavors of mustard!  I like jalapeno, sweet & spicy and Dijon, to name a few!

Do NOT be afraid of food!  Make it your friend. Ok I know that sounds stupid, but it is true!  I used to literally be afraid of food!  I would get nervous about eating food, because I thought every ounce of it, whether it was healthy or unhealthy, would make me gain weight.  Now I actually enjoy eating and don't "think" about it.  Also try new things, things you think you won't like!  You might be surprised.  And....make your food as esthetically pleasing, as possible.  Make it "pop", with color.  This will also really help.  Mind games people, they!!!

Hope you are all enjoying your week so far!  I am SO ready for one last 3 day weekend....I need to clean my closet...ick!


  1. During my run yesterday all I could think about is how wonderful it will feel to run in cooler temps! Bring on fall baby! I can't wait for some Who Dey action! Oh and duh jeans, sweatshirts, sweater dresses, leggins, boots, etc. etc. PS I totally loved this post! It is so true!

  2. 100% Agreed! (I love fall too!!!)

  3. This is why I really like the weight watchers plan- doesn't work for everyone but if I want pizza I eat pizza damnit! Also- to be really successful you have to learn that the "clean" food are less points and you can eat more! Same in making the bad food "swaps"! Great for portion control :) Thanks for being real girly :)

  4. Have you ever tried Larry and Luna's Coconut Bliss? It's a vegan non dairy ice cream that is SUPER delicious. You can look up what stores in your area carry the brand. Just thought you might enjoy =]

  5. I love when you wrote: "Your "lifestyle change", MUST fit YOUR, specific needs." That is so true. A person's changes must fit their needs or they won't be successful, why set yourself up for failure. I am DEFINITELY going to keep that in mind as I begin my journey to become healthier. I have to remember I can't be perfect and I need to do what's right for my needs. Thank you for saying just what I needed to hear!

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