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Monday, August 19, 2013

New Goals

HAPPY MONDAY!  This weekend I thought a lot about where I am in my journey.  I decided it was time to set some goals and stick to them.  I am in "get my ass in tip top shape", mode!  I am really loving clean eating so I want to kick that up a bit and same with my workouts.  I figure I would list 15 goals I want to stick with.  These are WEEKLY goals.  I figure once I get past this week, I can continue said goals, add more or change them all up.  We shall see!
1.      No drinky during the weeky!  Yes, I know that is not proper grammar.  BUT…it rhymes and I like it! :)
Buh bye...see you later, alligator!
2.      ONLY have “clean” snacks, during the work week.  So what this means is I have to break up with Edy’s Lite.  Yep, gotta tell that lovely lady good-bye.  But we shall meet again, this weekend, perhaps.
3.      Kick my workouts up a notch!  I am going to alternate weight/cardio days with cardio days.  Cardio will consist of kickboxing and tabata.  My weight training will come from Jillian Michaels.  And I won’t lie, I plan on cussing at her and telling her to shut up, every time I do her workouts.  BUT…she knows her crap, so the love is there, just hidden waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down deep!
4.      No take out during the week.  All dinners are going to be “clean”.  So this means my hubby is secretly doing this challenge with me, he just doesn’t know it.  So let’s not tell him!  I am hoping he likes it, sticks to it, and he needs me to buy him a smaller size in pants. J
5.      Drink only water.  This won’t be too hard, I guess.  If I want something else, it will have to be water with lemon.  OR…I love to make chocolate milk, after my workouts, with Sugar Free Almond Milk and cocoa powder.  To sweeten it a smidgen I will use my Stevia.
6.      Make sure and eat or “refuel” after my workouts.  Especially the weight training ones.  I am bad at doing this, but I need to! I know I will benefit from it. 
7.      Eat protein with all of my meals.  Even my snacks.  This might be a little hard, but I know I can do it.  I always eat protein with my carbs, so this shouldn’t be TOO hard, for me.
8.      Do something active with my babies each night.  This won’t be hard.  BUT….it is a way to get us all moving.  I see dancing in our future, tumbling contests and good ole fashion, chasing mom around the yard with bugs.


9.      Help my hubby get in some exercise.  This poor man has not had a day off in weeks.  He has been putting in SO much mandatory OT, so it’s hard for him to find time to work out.  I know how much he wants to get himself in shape, so I am making it my goal, to get him there.  I also hope to take him somewhere fun, to show just how much we appreciate all his hard work.  Coming home at 9:00 on aFriday night, after working the whole week, just isn’t fun for anyone. 
                 He is  the gangnam style, dance, in this pic.  For this alone, he is a keeper!! :)
10.   Try lots of new recipes  I just love that sight! Great recipes for every occasion and such yummy snack ideas.
11.   Food prep for the rest of the week, tonight.  I failed to do this yesterday.  My lunches will be whole grain with veggie and protein seasoned with red pepper flakes, a little garlic and some spicy jalapeno mustard.  I am telling you, “clean” food can taste so yummy, if you spice it up just right.

12.   Start thinning out my closet.  Dear Lord, if you guys could see what it looks like, you would DIE!  It gets bad, when I start to get sick of wearing this seasons clothes. I am pretty done with summer wear.  I am officially ready for sweaters and boots.
13.   Look for a new exercise dvd.  I am thinking I want to incorporate a 45 minute cardio workout, twice a week.  Most likely I will call upon my favorite Biotch, JM!
14.   NO MORE MIO!  OMG that stuff tears me up!  It bloats me so bad and makes me miserable.  I just can’t do it.
      15. Try warm water with lemon, before  my meals.  It tricks the tummy and makes it feel full. 
Wish me luck!!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!  If you set new goals, I hope you are able to stick with them and get the results you were hoping for!


  1. Your goals are on point sistah and I am right der witcha!!!! hahahahaha

  2. That's awesome!! Though your whole post made me hungry and now I want ice cream and wine ;)

  3. You must have been reading my mind!

  4. I love the plan!!
    I will join you in the hot lemon water, I did it previously and it did help! (and it cut my coffee intake down too)

  5. Need to follow the light. That is you, btw. =)

  6. Having you been living in my head lately? All of these ideas have been rolling around in there all for a while now.

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  7. I'm jealous of your closet! Of course, I would probably walk in and still find nothing to wear. ;) Love all your goals, you are doing great! I was kicking it with Jillian until this cold decided to kick me in the ass. Need to get back at it.

  8. Hi! just coming over from Jenna's blog. Nice to see another working mommy blogger : )

  9. Hi! just coming over from Jenna's blog. Nice to see another working mommy blogger : )