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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Random things about me!

Today is going to be a random post about me!  Just some things that not a lot of people know, about ole Lori!

1.  I cannot eat a Twizzlers without tying it in a knot first.  I am being dead serious.  This little diddy started years ago.

2.  I have actually been on a boat, in the Gulf of Mexico, that sunk.  AND...we had to be rescued by the Coast Guard even though my mom and dad TRIED.... to get all that water out, with their Evian bottles.  You know, the little bottles.  Watching them try, made this awful experience, just a tad funny. :)

3.  I CANNOT stand, when people air their dirty laundry on FB.  Especially when it is related to their family.  AND....while I am at it, the whole "let's post a cryptic message, so people will ask me what is wrong", annoys the shit out of me as well. If you are FB friends with me, you can see that all I ever really post anymore, is kid stuff.  Not a day goes by that I don't log on and shake my head, at posts...

4.  I just don't get the whole, "lets post negative comments on IG pics".  I am 100% for not agreeing with what someone posts, I know I don't agree with it all and Lord knows people get annoyed by my posts.  BUT...I was raised by parents who taught me this, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all".  Vent that sh*t to your friends or spouse.

6.  I have never had biscuits and gravy.  How is this possible???  I am a Midwestern girl, that grew up with my mom and Grandma making this.  I think it is the texture thing for me.  I just cannot do sausage gravy.  From what I hear, I am missing out! :)

7.  When I was younger, my lovely feet stunk so bad (from wearing tennis shoes and no socks) that after a trip to the happiest place on earth (Disney World), my parents pulled over the car and made me put my shoes in the trunk.  #truestory

8.  When I lived in NYC, I could not get used to women referring to their purses as "pocketbooks".  I mean that is what my Grandma called it.  I am a "purse" or "handbag" girl.  Just can't do "pocketbook", until I am pushing at least 70. If you are bored, go to Urban Dictionary and see some of the lovely things referred to as "pocketbooks". :)

9.  I have never owned expensive make-up or any other beauty products.  I am a Maybelline/Cover Girl, kinda gal!  Oh and I don't wear foundation.  And to highlight my cheek bones, I use good old fashioned Vaseline!   I don't even buy expensive hair care products.  I guess what I am trying to say here is this, I am very frugal when it comes to "grooming". :o)  I JUST started getting my hair professionally colored, this year.  I am still giving Amy (my friend and hair doer) shit, for not giving me an intervention, regarding my hot mess hair, years ago!

10. I was born in Effingham, IL.  My first home was a trailer in Beecher City, IL.  I would NOT change this for the world.  I grew up with hard working parents, that raised me with good, ole fashioned, Midwestern values.  I know what it is like to struggle, to not know how a bill will get paid.    I know that money does not and will not, buy you happiness.  I don't give 2 shits what you do for a living or how much money is in your bank account.  I have friends from all walks of life.  Some are unemployed, some cannot work, due to a disability and some are attorneys and computer genius's, I love them ALL the same.  I think one of the ugliest traits someone can have, is "arrogance".  One of the best, "humility". 

Hope you all are having a fabulous day!  Is it Friday yet???? 



  1. Haha love these... I was born in Effingham also!! We lived in Cowden.... All my family lives in Pana and Tower Hill. Small world!! Haha

  2. You are amazing. Hands down one of the best people I think I have ever met. Keep on keepn' on my friend! XOXO

  3. PS... Never had biscuits and gravy? Ehhhmyyygerrddddd

  4. You sound like my kind of friend! But girl you got to try biscuits and gravy. That shit will put hair on your chest! LOL

  5. I love this post!! I'm so scared of deep water, I'd have shit my pants then had a heart attack if a boat I was on sunk! And, I was just out with girlfriends last night talking about people airing crap and cryptic messages on Facebook! Get a life!

  6. I recently learned how to make sausage gravy from scratch! So delicious, but so not good for you. Definitely worth a taste, though.

    I'm with you on the makeup too. I cannot justify spending a ton of money on makeup! Plus, Vaseline is like the greatest thing ever. I use it to remove my mascara every night.

    One of these days, we are going to meet up and have a ball! Mark my words, girl. :)

  7. You know how I feel about Facebook and the vague comments. Just stop!

  8. I would not be able to get back on a boat after that. OMG!
    #3 drives me crazy. FB is not a diary.

  9. OMG FB - don't even have an account and I agree - it is totally acceptable to not agree with an IG pic or post but be gentle - no one likes a hater!!! :)

  10. I too, have never eaten biscuits and gravy. Gravy is for very few things, like potatoes, but sometimes I don't like it on those either. =) I too, am a "less is more" groomer. I hate spending a ton of money on that stuff. I do color myself and get cuts at Great Clips! I spend money on clothes and shoes!

  11. Yet one more reason (or 8...'cause I just don't agree with the biscuits and gravy confession LOL...and I cannot walk into Sephora without unloading my bank account) that I truly believe we were separated at birth and by a few states! Love you!

  12. I love how REAL you are! Great post!

  13. Biscuits and gravy virgin here never have and not sure if I ever will. I may be guilty of a cryptic message years ago, these days I try to post positivity, but hey I'm not perfect. IG haters are just not cool. Love ya girl. You keep it real and it's what I like.

  14. It's more fun to text each other the ridiculous things we see on IG than to post hateful comments. :)