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Friday, April 19, 2013


Good morning and HAPPY FREAKING FRIDAY!  This has been such a LOOOOOONG week!  I think it is because this is my first full week of work, in about a month!  That and it has rained and rained and rained, all week.  I NEED SUN!  Without sun, I am crabby.  And boy was I a crab ass yesterday.  Take no sun and throw in some pms and sinus issues.  Aren't you glad you don't live with me.  I am much better today.  I feel great actually! :o)  Gee I think that is because the weekend is knocking at my door!  YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!

Ok here we go...

1. What do you and your husband do for a living?  I am a hooker and my hubby is  pimp. 

I KID I KID!!!  I am a receptionist at a law firm.  I have been here for ten years.  It started out as just something to do when I moved back home and here we are!  Ray is a mortgage underwriter.  He has been in the mortgage industry for years.  What he does now is review other people's work.  And those people are trying to keep people,  from losing there homes.  I am super proud of him.  He is such a hard working man and always works OT when offered, so he can provide "fun" money for the family. :)

2. How do you and your hubby get along?  We get along great!  NOW...that I have my weight issues in check.  If you read my guest post here, you know what I am referring to.  I am definitely the outgoing one and Ray is much more reserved.  I can talk to a wall and have a good time. We have way different musical tastes and have no real same tv interests.  So what do we have in common, we love each other and our babies and just love to have fun.  We like to stay home and just enjoy the little things.  A date night for us is just dinner out with friends.  We try and get home in time to put the kids to bed.  Boring to some, living to us.

3.  How many bottles of wine do you drink a week?  HAHAHA!!!  Gee I must post too many wine pics!  In all honesty, less than one bottle.  If I have a glass of wine at night, it is only 4 ounces.  The only time I drink more than that, is when I am out with the hubby, or a GNO.  My fav right now is Savignon Blanc.  Favorite red is Norton or Malbec or Cabernet.

Yes, that is me after drinking a wee bit too much wine.  And yeah, that is a cop car, I am acting all sexy on!  Geesh Lori, you hussy!!!

This pic is from half price wine night at the local hibachi restaurant.  CLASSY, LORI, REAL CLASSY!

4.  Have you ever had any form of plastic surgery?  I get this A LOT!  I think most people think I have had skin removal surgery or some form of lipo.  The answer is NO, not a lick!  What you see is all from working out.  I am not in any way, opposed to it though.  If I had the money, I would get a boob lift tomorrow!!  In the past few month, I have lost a lot in my tatas.  They are actually the perfect size for me.  BUT...if you go in and take the loose skin away, I would be left with nothing. :9 So what would most likely have to happen is this, I get the loose skin removed and the boobs lifted and end up with an implant.  Just not sure I want that.  If it all does happen, you will be some of the first to know!
Now this is me pushing them up and out like porn star boobs!!  Just not me... I prefer my sag over that look. 

And this little pic is of me after I just shot gunned a beer! Dang my arms were a lot bigger here.  And I am happy to report that these white capris are way too big on me now! :)

I shouldn't be allowed out in public sometimes... ;)

5.  How did you lose the last ten pounds?  Myfitnesspal is the major key, to making that happen.  That and changing up my workouts.  Kickboxing along with JM dvd's did it for me! It gave me definition, leaned me out, and most importantly, gave me the motivation to keep going. 

The top left is from 2.5 years ago, right is yesterday.  Bottom left is last June, right is yesterday.  All thanks to my kickboxing and JM! 

6.  What was my ah-ha moment, for finally being ready to get the weigh off?  It was just being so freaking tired of being tired and miserable.  My husband at the time was so mean to me, all the time and I was done.  I got my ass up and went for a walk.  I never looked back.  It was a total lifestyle change for me.  I started to eat right and walked every day.  Walking is how I lost the bulk of my weight.
 This is after I hit my first weight loss goal.  I am wearing Guess shorts.  I always dreamed of being able to fit into Guess clothes!

7. You have been married 3 times, do tell?  OK here we go!  So I married #1 when I was 18.  Yes, 18.  This is the one that abused me physically and mentally.  He was and is, pure evil.  I am not kidding when I say this.  My dad once said, "I can't even call him an asshole, because at least an asshole has a function".  YIKES!  And boy was he right.  He took off one day and left me.  I heard from him maybe a year later when I was served with divorce papers at my parents house.  Man what a f*cking loser! I honestly married him because I thought he was the only guy that would ever marry an overweight girl like me.   #2. was the first guy to show me attention after I lost about 75 pounds.  He was so attentive and wined and dined me.  He is the reason I moved to NYC.  We dated for about 5 years before I gave him this ultimatum...shit or get off the pot.  SO...he proposed, we got married and it went downhill from there. He just isn't the marrying type.  Plus he worked on Wall Street and our schedules were totally opposite of each others.  I worked 9-5, he got home at 9, slept till 5.  So we were doomed.  I have nothing bad to say about him.  We ended on fairly good terms.  I wish him nothing but happiness.  # 3 Ray...the true man I was meant to be with.  The man that never gave up on me.  I knew Ray from back in the 90's.  I met him through mutual friends and had SUCH a crush on him.  LIKE BAD!!!!!!!  So one night we are all out at a bar and we kiss.  I was on cloud nine!  Only to never hear from the f*cker again!  Until I was home years later...  We were both at a friends house and had not seen me since I lost another 40 pounds.  He told me I looked like a super model.  Eek!!!  The man I always wanted to like me, did!  So when I was back home officially, we started to date and the rest is history!  He proposed 7/30/04 and we found out we were pregnant 8/6/04.  Yeah one week to the day! 
 My high school graduation.  6 moths before I married #1.

 This beaut is from wedding #1  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!

8.  How do I resist the urge to purge?  I think I am able to keep that all in control because I allow myself everything in moderation. I never deprive myself of what I want.  I also give myself one "fat" day a week. This is usually Friday.   I am good for breakfast and lunch and then I stop counting calories.  So at night, I eat what I want.  I just can't ever let myself get back to that dark place when I was bulimic.  I have 2 babies that look up to me.  I never want my daughter to go through what I did.  She never hears me call myself fat.  Those days are long gone...

9.  What do my daily meals look like?  OK here we go.  Breakfast: bagel thin with pB2 or cookie butter from Trader Joe's, and some old fashioned oats and grilled ham.  Lunch: big ass salad loaded with veggies and light dressing, grilled chicken with string beans and sweet potato.  Dinner: a lean protein with a roasted veggie and some form of carb.  Usually whole grain rice.  Snacks: wine...duh :) I also love frozen Greek yogurt, regular plain Fage yogurt with flax seed and fresh fruit, smoothies with Greek yogurt.  Banana oatmeal cookies, Edy's light ice cream, microwave popcorn, raw almonds or fresh fruit, to name a few.  I keep my calories at about 1430.   This is what I net, after working out and such.  I need to start upping them since I am pretty much where I want to be weight wise.  I am ready to get into "maintain" mode.

10.  I will end with my own question, what is your next goal?  I am going to do the bikini boot camp challenge from Fitness Magazine.  You can find it here.  It starts May 1st.  We have another trip to Florida planned for 12 weeks from today.  So I want to be in even better shape.  I am not looking to go down anymore sizes.  That shit gets expensive!  I have already had to buy enough new clothes.  :)  Yes, I know there are worse problems I could have!  I just want to get as toned as I can, by summer.  I will keep you all posted, on how that goes!


  1. I love your answers! I am just said it won't show me any of the pictures! :(

  2. I can't see the pics either :(

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  4. Ok ladies, I will fix this problem when I get home for lunch. I am going to take my work computer and shove it up someone's ass!! Grrrrrrrrrr!! Should be fixed in an hour!

  5. You mean you don't drink five bottles of wine a week?? I thought that was normal lol

    At least you are a hot hooker and I can't see the pics either, although after being one of your many stalkers i have seen plenty haha only kidding

  6. I'm the same on the wine. Some nights I may have 2 glasses because the first went down way too fast and was WAY too good!

  7. I'm like you, I need the sun to be happy! It has been gloomy and rainy all week here, blah. I'm still waiting for warm temperatures to hit anytime. I love all your answers especially about not calling yourself fat in front of your daughter. I think that makes such a big impression!

  8. I love your answers!!!

    Thanks for the honesty. I love "real" bloggers!

  9. I should not be allowed out in public when I drink either! ha ha ... I am a typically quiet person but when I drink it's a different story ... Gotta have fun sometime right? I've been enjoying wine a lot lately, turning into a wino!! =)

  10. Great answers, your truly such an inspiration. I feel the same about saying I'm fat in front of my daughters. I know sometimes on a bad day I slip but overall I don't want them to ever feel that way. I've been pretty guilty of not eating the best and not exercising these last few weeks. I really need to get back into a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for sharing!

  11. My husband and I are the same way...I can have a party anywhere and talk my ass husband on the other hand might as well be a mute. :) BTW - he always tells me I have no "shut off" valve when it comes to wine...I think I've embarrassed him in public a few times...but whatevs, gotta live a little right? :) I'm known to bust a move when drinking (even when there is no music playing...) HAHAHAHA

  12. Thank you so much for answering my questions! You are so inspiring! Love your honesty!