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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How I started to get some guns

In the recents months I have finally started to get the arms I have always dreamt of having.  I honestly NEVER EVER thought I could achieve them.  I have always had flabby fat arms.  Just plain awful.  Even after I lost 115 pounds, my arms were still an issue.  So I would lift weights and try and get them to firm up.  Well this did firm them some, but they still weren't lean.  I did 2 rounds of P90x and one round of P90x2.  I thought for sure THIS would get me those "guns".  NOPE!  Just made my already big arms, tighter but still big.  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!  The above picture (top) is from my Fitness article and my arms were tight, but hello, they are BIG! Same thing goes for my thighs, but we will cover legs another day.  The one of me in the pink dress is a few years prior to that.  I tell you what, I really had no idea how much I had let myself go, until I started to find old pics. 
The other pic is from 3 summers ago.  I had ZERO definition!  I was eating ok, but all I was doing for workouts was walking/running.  Obviously, this just isn't enough.
I had really reached a point where I was giving up on getting the arms I always wanted.  I remember crying to my husband, telling him I had tried everything, nothing was working.  He encouraged me not to give up.  So I decided I would start doing some kickboxing.  HOLY SHIT...I started to see results!!!!!!  My arms were leaning out.  And they felt nice and tight.  I mentioned in an earlier blog that I do Jill Coleman workouts.  She is awesome!  Her workouts are fun and I have yet to get bored.  AND...I am still sore after doing them for 2 months.  I think I am just getting better with my form and pushing myself a bit more.  I also got out my old Tae Bo dvd and started hanging with Billy Blanks again.  Not only did this help with my arms, it REALLY tightened the core.  Now remember I have lost 115 pounds and birthed 2 babies in 18 months.  There was some loose skin, lots of it!  Is it still a but loose, yes, but man it has changed. I will now walk around in my sports bra and not worry about sucking it in. 

So.....since I started to finally lean out the old arms, I decided it was time to get some definition.  This is when I decided to call upon my old friend Jillian.  She and I have a love hate relationship.  I LOVE to cuss at her and hate that she makes me want to barf, when she talks to much.  OMG shup up please!  I am now on week 3 of Ripped in 30 and 30-day shred.  Today is the last day and then I move on to week 4!!  The results speak for themselves.  She knows what she is doing.  My arms no longer continue to wave, when my arm is at rest.  I now have a pretty decent bicep, a noticeable tricep AND my delts are starting to shine.  I ONLY use 3-5 pounds.  For me, this is what keeps me lean and tight.  I tried heavier weights with p90x and all it did was build upon the fat.  I prefer low weights, high reps.  BUT..that is just me.  I also stick to eating clean.  Don't get me wrong, I am not a 100% clean eater.  I doubt that day will ever come!  But I am eating a lot less processed foods.  Just recently I stopped eating my lean cuisines and smart ones.  I am not giving them up forever, they are just too convenient to do that.  I just want to see what results I get by cuttting them out for a bit. After my 30 days are over, I think I will start back up but start with weeks 2 and level 2.  I will do 2 weeks of level 2 week 2 and then incorporate weeks 3 & 4 with level 3.  I will continue to take progress pics and go from there!


  1. Girl...Look at that gun show! You look great!

  2. Your arms and your body look great! So happy I found you haaa...Also are the Jill Coleman classes you do a DVD or do you take a class somewhere?

  3. Thank you for writing about this! I have never had toned arms and dread summer and short sleeves every year. You have inspired me to try some new things to tone them up and slim them down! :).

    Also, I was wondering how I can find your blog on the Internet. I'm reading thru IG but its not as clear. I've googled your name (blog name and IG name) and just can't come up with it--so strange! Any ideas?


  4. I can't find any Jill Coleman kickboxing dvd's. Would you mind giving specific information on which workout dvd's you use? Not just Jill's, but any of the trainers.

    You look fantastic and are such a huge inspiration! Looking forward to reading more about your weightloss/getting fit journey!

  5. I am not sure if you can get Jill Coleman dvd's or not. I get my workouts off of Xfinity, On Demand. If you can't, tae bo is just as awesome and that is on for cheap! Or you can get a Jillian Michael's kickboxing dvd there as well. Hope this helps! xo

  6. Love this post because I am also trying to lean out my arms. I've always thought the way was to go heavy on the weights so I'm very interested in seeing how less weight with higher reps might change things. How long did it take before you started to notice the difference?

  7. #operationlorisarms next?? Haha only kidding I promise I'm not a creepy stalker!!

    I'm loving kickboxing and being sore days later, I don't know about you but if I'm not sore I don't feel like it's working!

  8. I have been doing Chlean Extreme for a month & after taking my measurements, I've lost 4.25 in overall! My weight went up 3 lbs but I shrunk. You inspire me!

  9. LMAO! I have been yelling at her forever! Especially when I do the shred at 5:30am I am just pissy! Usually her voice is fine but at 5:30? NO! The worst is Tony Horton- that man goes on and on...

  10. I will have to try these for my arms. No matter what my weight and size, my arms have always been large. I've always had decent definition (when flexing) on my bicep but the tricep and delt area are non-existent. Think I might go pick up the dvds you suggested this weekend. I just started C25K and looking for something to tone and define me. I definitely need to strengthen my core too!

    Thanks for the recommendations!

  11. HI - I'm a new reader, I just found your blog from MamaLaughlin and I love your posts! This one especially spoke to me because I've been struggling with my upper body. I've been trying to get in shape since Jan 2012. This has been a long, and SLOW process, as I've tried so many different things. I've lost about 25 pounds, but still have about 20 more pounds to go. Ironically enough, it seems that all my weight is in my upper body: stomach/arms/shoulders/back. From the hips down, I seem skinny, but I'm just apple shaped. I find it's really hard to shrink my arms and give definition. I've done JM Body Revolution and now doing Chalean Extreme. I'll have to throw in some kickboxing and see if that will help me over the plateau. Thanks!

  12. Its my 8th day of p90x i love it! i had my baby 9 months and wiegh 115 now i wieghed 118 when i got.pregnant and 170 when i had her and i just wanna get my tummy toned again and from ur pics i know i can now! im just 19.... angela cates

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