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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Goals

Happy October!  I LOVE this month! It is full of yummy smells and tastes, like caramel, bonfires, pumpkin and chili!  It is also the month my hubby, my daughter, 2 of my nieces and many other fabulous people, in my life, were born in.  It is also the month that holds my favorite holiday, Halloween!  And this year I am going to a fabulous party on the 26th, to celebrate just that! 

I figured with so much celebrating going on, I best set some goals to stick to!  So the first one is the squat challenge.  I started this last Monday and so far, so good!  But like I told my girl Wendy, if this does not make my rump, high and tight, I may have to cut a biotch!  I kid I kid....maybe?!?!?  Tonight is 100 squats....eek!  And yes, I do them all at once.  I figure why not get in some REAL burn.

Next goal, kickboxing 3 times a week, tabata twice a week, and weight training, twice a week.  Just a little experiment I am doing.  In November, I plan to do Ripped, so I want to be able to compare months.  I just love kickboxing and got the best results ever, from it.  Every time I am done, I feel it in my abs.  If you don't believe that kickboxing does wonders for  your mid-section, do 150 crunches, the night before, to get your abs sore and then do kickboxing.  This way you "feel" exactly where all those kicks are working their magic.  It's the BEST crunchless, ab workout, around! :)

Last goal for the month, stay positive.  I have my diagnostic mammogram tomorrow followed by a bilateral sonogram of both breasts, with a possible biopsy.'s time to put my big girl panties on and think positive.  It's sad for me to think that I have ALWAYS hated my boobs so much, when there on women out there losing theirs, every single day.  This also reminded me that as women, we "hate" too much about ourselves.  We are always wishing we were thinner, younger, prettier, smarter, etc.  Life is too short for such negative energy.  Embrace what God gave you.  Of what "whoever" gave you.  Yes, my boobies sag and have stretch marks.  And yes, my legs have lose skin and cellulite.  SO WHAT! At least I have healthy legs and boobs that are still mine.  So when you look in the mirror the next time, embrace just how beautiful you are.  Because I guarantee you, what we all see, is not what you see.  And if you are over 40 or have a history in your family, of breast cancer, make your mammogram appt.  DO NOT BE AFRAID!!!!!!!  This is breast cancer awareness month.  SO if you know someone that is scared to go, encourage them.  Heck, go with them.  It is NOT that bad.  It is over in minutes and it did NOT hurt.  I am blessed to have my hubby going with me tomorrow.  My beautiful friend Tiff also said she would go and hold my hand or boob, if need be. :)  Tomorrow night I am having dinner with 2 of my childhood friends (Tiff being one) because Lord knows I will need a drink or ten!  But as my mom always tells me, no matter what happens, it could always be worse.  This my friends, is so true....



  1. Good luck tomorrow. I'm sure it will be fine and over with quickly. I think I may add the squat challenge to my ab challenge. Double whammy!!! lol

  2. Good luck tomorrow! I will be thinking about you!

  3. Oh Lori, good luck to you tomorrow! I will be praying for you and for the best possible outcome!

    Love you so much lady!!

  4. Thinking of you and wishing you lots of luck!

  5. Thinking of you today Lori! Best of luck!

  6. Hope all turns out well today. Happy Wednesday & cheers to a great month ahead :)

  7. What's your favorite kickboxing workout? I love tabatas too and am looking for a good well rounded tabata work out.