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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Today is a post about one of my favorite "get out of jail free" what!  Yep, this "see that glass half full girl" uses this way too often! :)

So what if I cuss like a sailor on the daily!  I try and do most of it at work, so I don't "slip up" at home.  I just love how you can say the word  f*ck with such passion, that it gets the point across, clear as day!  I work for attorney's that handle family law, so this word is a MUST!

So what if my potty mouth drives Ray crazy.  Hello,  you knew this when you married me, mister!

So what if I have an obsession with pretzel m&m's...hey it's better than having an obsession with crack, right?!?!?!

So what if I use this phrase all the time and it makes no sense AT ALL...."how's come".  Yep, I have said it forever and now Liv says it too! I tell you what, I grew up with some interesting sayings.  BUT...remember ya'll, I am from Beecher City, IL.  I am total hick, to the core!

So what if my family said "red up" in reference to cleaning up the dinner dishes, growing up.  My hubby and my sister's hubbies, are so confused with this saying.  It dates back to some old Western my grandparents watched.  So....they said it, my parents said it, and now me and my sister's say it.  Yes, I know, it makes NO sense!

So what if I call Jillian Michaels the "b" word during and after, every workout.  Come on, she deserves it, she is MEAN!  BUT....oh so effective!!

So what if I secretly want to shave Ray's beard in his sleep and have even asked the kids to do so.  I am NOT a beard girl.  Ray needs to remember that our family is NOT a part of the Duck Dynasty family....duh!  Shave that sh*t!

So what if I am already SUPER excited about a trip to STL with my girl Nicki, that doesn't even have an official trip date yet!  I look forward to fun and lots of it!  Keeps me happy!

So what if I have zero desire to start Christmas shopping.  UGH....I just can't get into yet.  I guess maybe I am waiting on the elves to arrive, to take care of it for me????  So if you see them, tell them my patience is running out!!

So what if I CANNOT wait for the kids to be on Christmas break so I get a break from making lunches every morning.  Hey, that alone will give me 10 extra minutes of sleep.  Priorities people!!!

So what if I sent my sweet friend Jenni an ecard that said this: "You're the kind of friend who's house I could poop at".  Yep, I sure did send that to her!  She is just THAT kind of friend.  I love her!

So what if I got like SUPER excited that I just might get to have lunch with THREE amazing women in December.  Pretty sure it will be a piss your pants kind of know with lots of giggles! :)

So what if I am ADDICTED to the show "The Governor's Wife" and wish so much I could meet the Governor and Trina.  I mean I LOVE them.  I cried like a big fat baby, during a few episodes.  Wishing so much I could make Edwin live forever....

So what if Ray thinks I am a nut bag because I want to put the Christmas decorations up NOW!!  He just needs to get over that, right now!  I mean I did put Halloween decorations up the second week of September.  So why does this shock him???

So what if I CANNOT wait to go to Florida in February.  Like I said, I need things to look forward to.  Wine with my sis and dad by the pool....who wouldn't look forward to that!

So what if I am jealous that my parents are taking the kids to Disney in February to stay at my FAVORITE hotel, Wilderness Lodge and I don't get to go. At this point in the game, throwing a 2 year old temper tantrum, won't get my anywhere.  DARNIT!

So what if I was doing "suicides" last night, in my room, and Liv told me I was shaking the whole house.  The house is old, damnit! :)

So what if I haven't blogged since the birth of Jesus....sometimes we all need to step back for a bit.

In closing so what if I am not everyone's cup of tea.  There comes a point in your life when you have to stop trying to impress everyone.  Not everyone will like me.  It took me many years and many sad faces to realize this.  It sucks when someone doesn't like you, but it's shall go on!



  1. All your so what's is why I love you so much! xoxo

  2. Well, I love you and I love seeing your smiling face on IG! I also cuss terribly and don't censor myself around the kids as much as I should. Oops. Florida sounds like so much fun, I can't wait for our vacation next year either!

  3. FEBRUARY!?!?! Good thing this bitch won't have a job and YES I will be dragging my infant in the car to see you! How is the governor's wife? I need to see if it's on demand... You are MY cup of tea! Can't please everyone and who the HELL would want to? You don't want "worshippers" on your blog anyways!

  4. I love you and all of your motivation! And...I don't get the beard craze either. Some men wear a little bit of facial hair well, but I can really do without the full beard!

  5. HA HA!!! Love it all. OMG the e-card is the best. Seriously we need to nail down a date for both hook-ups before I get bat shit crazy busy. You know how I roll. Planner 4 life. Ha!!! Love ya girl

  6. I have no desire to start Christmas shopping either! I just want to skip presents this year.

  7. You lady, ARE definitely my cup of tea!!! and one day we will have a drink or 10 together! I love your So whats!!

  8. I am a total beard girl. But it must be kept up. Todd has had a beard since last Christmas, and I never want him to lose it.

    And when are you come to STL? Make sure it is when I can meet you for a drink!

  9. ok I love all these. I didn't know you worked for attorneys. So funny, but I am an attorney and I don't swear much in the office unless I am really pissed. It's funny because everyone knows that and when they hear me swear they know I am mad!!! I put up a xmas tree already so I say go for it!!!

  10. I was watching "This is 40" Monday night and was dying over how many times they dropped the "F" bomb- everyone was. Even at one point the daughter did. have you seen that movie? It's so life like and true and in a way a bit depressing! haha

  11. Love reading your posts. Missed them!