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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

So what....

Today I am doing a random post of all the things I have recently said, "so what" to! 

So what if I started to walk out of the house yesterday, with mouthwash, still in my mouth!

So what if after I did that, I had to run back in to apply deodorant, that I had forgot to put on.

So what if Liv got raisin bran and milk ALL over her uniform and I told Ray if she doesn't wear the polo dress I gave her to put on, she can just go naked!  (don't worry, she wore clothes)

So what if I started to ball like a baby, when I saw 9/11 footage on Sunday.  It is part of me and I can't control it.

So what if I did tabata yesterday and wanted to DIE!!!

So what if I am looking forward to Honey Boo Boo's episode tomorrow night.  I want to see June commit to Sugar Bear, so there!

So what if I cleaned my entire bedroom except the closet.  It will get done, when it gets done!

So what if I ate REALLY good yesterday,  JUST so I could have some white wine.  Some days, you just gotta go with it. 

So what if I went to the grocery store for a "few" things and spent $225.  Eating clean aint cheap!  And yes, I know that aint, aint a word.

So what if I correct my children's grammar like a crazy woman.  I am a stickler for it!

So what if this morning Liv asked me why I wear underwear up my butt (I wear thongs) every day and I told her, "because this way I don't have to keep picking my butt all day, it just stays up there".  Hey, its the truth!

So what If I am excited that my mother-in-law coming over tonight, for a pizza cooking and no dishes!

So what if I keep looking for airfare to Florida for Thanksgiving even though I vowed to NEVER travel during that time again!  Yeah, having the check-in line at LaGuardia be wrapped around the ENTIRE airport, DID ME IN.  BUT....I miss my Florida family.

So what if I wish I could start my own business where I go to people's houses to try and kick start them on their lifestyle change.  I could workout with them and show them how to prep and what to prep, to eat clean.

So what if have 2 super full baskets of laundry to put least it is clean and folded!

So what if I FINALLY unpacked my last bag, from our July Florida trip.  I could have just waited until I needed it for Chicago, in November. :)

So what if I CANNOT wait to meet so many amazing women, in November, in Chicago.  And so what if I already consider them close friends, even though we have yet to meet IRL!

So what if I am already thinking of what to wear for  my Chicago trip....I'm weird like that.

OK that is it for now!  I hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday...



  1. I keep deodorant in my purse and in my office at work, just incase....

    You can come to my house and kick my butt if you want!!!

  2. I miss you and have never met you/ are not part of your FL family ;) (insert stalker status here)- wish I could be with you girls in Chicago!!!

  3. You and I should be a team and go out on the road together like Chris Powell does and help motivate and change peoples lives!!!!

  4. I'd totally hire you! (I have the thong conversation often too). lol

  5. I love the thong comment...Madden has seen me changing a few times before (I only wear thongs too) and I never used to worry about it until just last week when he goes "Mama, why your bottom naked?" Hahaha!! Note to self: don't change in front of your 2 1/2 year old boy anymore!! :D

  6. You could be a nice Jillian!!! lol

  7. I'm ready for the commitment ceremony tonight too!!!!!

  8. Ha!! I love the thong talk. And I can't wait to meet you in November!!!

  9. love these!! especially the grocery store one about spending that. I seem to do that alot lately. it's pricey to eat healthy!!